Here’s where you can buy TikTok’s most popular houseplants in Toronto

In recent years, having houseplants has become a personality type, with people of all ages embracing their green thumb and filling their spaces with air purifying, aesthetically pleasing plants of all kinds. So it’s no surprise that indoor plants are all over TikTok, whether they’re featured in envy-worthy lifestyle videos or the main star in creators’ “plant baby” tours.

Now, a new study conducted by has identified the most aesthetically pleasing houseplants based on video views.

Aloe vera. Courtesy Stanislav/Unsplash

The cactus-like succulent aloe vera has earned the top spot, amassing over 2.3 billion views on the platform. In addition to sitting pretty on a shelf or desk, the plant produces a gel-like substance, aloe, which can be squeezed out and applied topically to skin ailments like sunburns.

Interested in hopping on the trend and filling your space with TikTok’s favourite plant? You’re in luck! Aloe vera is known to be relatively easy to maintain, thriving well in direct sunlight and warmer temperatures.

The pothos plant. Kelsey Brown/Unsplash

The second most popular houseplant on TikTok is the pothos plant, more commonly known as Devil’s ivy. Between the scientific name and the nickname, Devil’s ivy has amassed 312.4 million views on TikTok.

The Monstera plant. Courtesy Michaela Zákopčaníková/Unsplash

In third place is the Swiss cheese plant, known by its scientific name as Monstera deliciosa. There have been 242 million views under TikTok hashtags related to the plant. The plant is incredibly popular mainly due to the fact that it’s relatively easy to take care of and rarely gets any diseases – ideal for anyone wanting to try their hand at plant parenthood.

The snake plant. Courtesy Noyo creatif/Unsplash

The Sansevieria, more commonly known as the snake plant, is the fourth most popular houseplant, according to TikTok. The plant is said to have toxin-absorbing properties, evident in much of the TikTok content if you take a quick scroll through the hashtag and earning 161.9 million views.

The fiddle-leaf fig. Courtesy Scott Webb/Unsplash

Rounding out the top five is the fiddle-leaf fig, known scientifically as Ficus lyrata. The hashtag “fiddle-leaf fig” has amassed 94 million views, while its scientific name has garnered 15.6 million views. The fiddle-leaf fig is a popular indoor tree featuring very large, heavily veined and glossy violin-shaped leaves that grow upright on a sleek trunk. This plant makes an ideal statement plant in a room that has space for it to grow tall — sometimes up to ten feet!

Want to hop on the trend and adorn your home, apartment or office with TikTok’s hottest greenery? We’ve rounded up some local Toronto shops where you can score your next plant baby.

Chive Inc.

Chive has made its recent Queen West storefront its Canadian headquarters. You won’t be able to resist stepping into the shop after passing by the floor-to-ceiling windows displaying some of the store’s coolest greenery, including tiny succulents and massive monsteras. 837 Queen St. W.

Dynasty Plant Shop

This Dupont Street plant shop specializes in high quality tropical plants and cacti. Not only that, but the plant parlour is well versed in how botanicals and interior design go hand in hand, so it’s the place to go for newbies trying to fiture out what plants will fit where in their home space. 1250 Dupont St., Unit 1

Davenport Garden Centre

Though this garden centre used to have three locations, they’ve since shuttered their Bayview Avenue and Danforth Avenue locations. But the remaining one, at Davenport Road and Dupont Street, is pretty great! Visit for a stellar selection of potted indoor plants, including all five of TikTok’s hottest plants. 368 Davenport Rd.

Promise Supply Plants at stackt

Located within the stackt market, this plant shop is pretty cool. Specializing in indoor plants and featuring everything from a teeny six-inch cactus to a towering six-foot lime tree, they really do have it all! 28 Bathurst St.

Beech Nursery

This garden centre right in the heart of the Toronto Port Lands is a true delight for any passionate plant parents. Explore your options, from A (the Aglaonema plant) to Z (the ZZ plant or Zanzibar gem), and know that you’ll want to return in April to explore their stunning collection of outdoor plants! 4 Carlaw Ave.

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