Here’s where to find Toronto’s most flippin’ delicious pancakes

Chef Anthony Rose and his mom, Linda, take a bite out of the ultimate breakfast staple, pancakes and crown the most fantastic flapjacks in town.

Winner: Old School

Anthony: “This is a really good pancake. I love the combination of the bacon and the blueberry, the sweet and savoury. It’s really delicious.” Linda: “These blueberries are really nice here. They didn’t try to doctor it. It tastes like it’s supposed to. This tastes like a nice old-fashioned pancake.”  800 Dundas St. W., $19.95

Runner-Up: Yonge Cafe and Bistro

Anthony: “This is a good-looking pancake and they taste even better. They have a really nice colour, and I love the addition of the dulce de leche.” Linda: “They taste fluffy and airy. This is a really delicious pancake.”   5000 Yonge St., North York, $15.99

One Restaurant

Anthony: “This is visually the greatest looking one of all time. The whipped cheesecake is a nice touch, and I like the addition of the graham cracker, but I wish this was a little less sweet.” Linda: “The pancakes are light, and the blueberry tastes really delicious.” Overall, a really nice job.” 116 Yorkville Ave., $25

Ramona’s Kitchen

Anthony: “I love that there’s chunks of chocolate in this. They taste nice and moist and not overwhelming, considering the amount of chocolate!” Linda: “This tastes just like you’re eating brownies. Anyone who loves chocolate is going to go crazy for this.” 7355 Bayview Ave., Thornhill, $16.99

Hotel Gelato

Anthony: “They’re pretty good, not too sweet. I like how fluffy they are, and they’re nice and moist.” Linda: “It tastes almost like a soufflé pancake. I like how they look — slightly rustic, but I prefer a much larger pancake.” 532 Eglinton Ave. W., $17

Mia Brunch Bar

Anthony: “The maple cream is so good, it lightens it up a little, but I wish they were fluffier.” Linda: “They’re very heavy, I find them a little bit difficult to cut, but I do love the addition of the icing sugar.” 2140 Yonge St., $18.50