Here’s where to find the best Trinidad doubles in Toronto

Trini doubles, a popular Trinidadian dish, has become a staple in Toronto, thanks to the city’s sizable Trinidadian community. With approximately 39,000 Trinidadians calling Toronto home, these flavourful snacks, consisting of two soft bara bread filled with curried chickpeas, have found a significant presence in the local culinary scene.

Here’s where to find the best Trinidad doubles in Toronto.

Purple Hibiscus


Purple Hibiscus, a weekly pop-up at Daily Grind café, is a must-visit for an authentic taste of Trinidadian doubles in Toronto. Helmed by Chef Avé Narinesingh, whose family is credited with creating the original doubles in the 1930s, Purple Hibiscus brings a piece of Trinidadian food history to the city. Previously a brick-and-mortar restaurant in Winnipeg, it has now taken residence at Daily Grind, offering doubles every Friday night until they sell out. With a dedication to preserving the legacy of her family’s culinary traditions, Chef Narinesingh crafts doubles with thin and light baras, filled with curried chickpeas and an array of toppings. 426 St. Clarens Ave.

Mona’s Roti


Indulge in the popular Trini doubles from Mona’s Roti, available for $2.50. Mona’s recommends dressing it up with tamarind or pepper sauce for added spice. Established in 1983 in San Fernando, Trinidad, Mona’s Roti is known for its exceptional Caribbean food. With locations in Ajax and Scarborough, Mona’s preserves traditional flavours, delivering an authentic Caribbean experience. 4810 Sheppard Ave E, Scarborough.

Randy’s Roti & Doubles


Under the leadership of CEO Randy Kangal, Randy’s Roti & Doubles  is a top destination for Trini doubles in Toronto. With two fully equipped food trucks serving the GTA and Hamilton areas, they’re a fixture at major events and festivals. Originating over 25 years ago in Trinidad, Andy’s has expanded to include strategically placed food trucks and a thriving catering service. Known for using the freshest ingredients, expert cooking techniques and a secret spice blend, they offer an authentic taste of the Caribbean. 876 Yonge St.

Drupati’s Roti & Doubles

For more than 28 years, Drupati’s has been a go-to destination for authentic Caribbean Roti and Doubles. Their menu, featuring a variety of delicious Caribbean dishes, stays true to the roots of Trinidad & Tobago and the wider Caribbean. Their Doubles, priced at $2.75 each, are irresistible treats – pillowy soft pastry filled with chickpeas often hailed as the best in the city. 2866 Ellesmere Rd.

Ali’s West Indian Roti Shop

Since 1976, Ali’s Roti in Parkdale, founded by Shiraz Aligour, has been a staple for roti and doubles in Toronto. Despite its simplicity, Ali’s doubles undergo a meticulous two-hour process for the perfect texture and flavour.  Aligour is not just focused on business; he actively supports the community, often providing free or discounted meals to those in need. 1446 Queen St. W.

ACR Hot Roti & Doubles

ACR Hot Roti & Doubles, is a legendary spot known for serving exceptional Trini doubles since 1995. Established by Aunty Ramjohn and her late husband, ACR originated in Marabella, Trinidad, in 1971. Despite economic challenges in Trinidad and Tobago, the Ramjohns brought their much-loved doubles recipe to Scarborough, maintaining the same authentic taste that has had customers coming back for over 30 years  2680 Lawrence Ave E, Scarborough