It’s National Pizza Day: Here are 6 of the most wild pizzas you can get in Toronto

On any regular day, you might settle for just any old slice of pizza. But today is National Pizza Day! Why settle for ordinary when you can sink your teeth into one of the wildest pizzas Toronto has to offer? And not only are these pizza toppings wild, they’re downright delicious. Toronto can hold its own against any of the top pizza cities out there.

Here are the most over-the-top pizzas to try in Toronto!

The Tongue & Bacon from Beast Pizza


Beast Pizza, located at 96 Tecumseth St. just west of King and Bathurst, is a delicious venture from chef Scott Vivian and partner Nathan Middleton. This establishment marks a departure from their previous success with Beast Restaurant, offering thin-crust, New York-style pizzas with a twist. The menu features pizzas topped with unique ingredients like boar and rabbit, showcasing Beast Pizza’s commitment to culinary innovation. Some of the standout offerings include the Wiener Wheel, the Aloo Goobi, and the Tongue & Bacon pizza, which comes topped with red sauce, mozzarella cheese, sliced beef tongue and smoked bacon. Plus, look out for guest chef collabs with some even more wild pizza options (think elk bolognese and spaghetti and meatball!).

The Mac Daddy from Oswald’s Pizza


Renowned for their Detroit-style pizza, the menu at Oswald’s highlights innovative options like the Butter Baddie that comes topped with homemade butter chicken gravy, red onions, roasted tandoori chicken, mozzarella, cilantro and mint chutney mayo. If you’re in a pickle, opt for the Mac Daddy, a pizza play on the Big Mac topped with shredded lettuce, ground beef, special sauce, onions and toasted sesame seeds.

The Butter Jam Jam from Big Trouble Pizza


Big Trouble Pizza has made a comeback at 191 Geary Ave., after bidding farewell to its Chinatown location a year and a half ago. Now back in action, they’re serving up their signature ‘za and smash burgers. If you crave delicious pizza with a light and airy crust and the perfect toppings, a visit to Big Trouble Pizza is a must! One of their unique pizza offerings is the Butter Jam Jam, featuring organic raspberry jam, butter cream, mozzarella, balsamic reduction and lemon zest.

The Hendrix Experience from Afro’s Pizza


Located at Jarvis and Dundas, Afro’s Pizza is the newest spot to satisfy your Detroit-style pizza cravings. Their menu pays tribute to iconic Black musicians and entertainers with creative selections like the Curtis “Superfly” Mayfield, featuring confit duck, fennel, and blood orange slaw, topped with port and cherry demi. But the most adventurous pizza on the menu is the Hendrix Experience, inspired by chicken and waffles.  Made on waffle dough, it comes loaded with fried chicken, toasted pecans, compressed watermelon in tequila, maple habanero sauce, garnished with fresh cilantro.

The Glizzy Quatro from Beast Pizza


How could Beast Pizza not make our list twice? The Glizzy Quattro boasts chicken/beef hot dogs, kewpie mayo,  yellow mustard sauce, mozzarella and banana peppers. It apparently started out as a joke, but it turned out to be surprisingly tasty. Folding a slice — which according to Beast, you should always do) creates the perfect vessel for enjoying the Glizzy.

The Bloody Caesar from Slowhand


Slowhand Sourdough Pizza is a popular pizzeria known for its creative offerings. Their standout pizza, the Bloody Caesar, features a sourdough crust with a spicy vodka Clamato sauce, bacon and green olives. It’s then topped with celery, pepperoncini, long red hots and celery salt. For the adventurous, adding fresh horseradish brings an extra kick.

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