Here are five horror stories from Toronto’s recent travel nightmares

We can all agree that getting out of the city during the Christmas holidays can often feel chaotic. And while most Torontonians have grown accustomed to the usual travel woes — long lineups, an occasional flight delay or a missing bag — some unlucky travelers who dared to venture out this holiday season experienced the sort of system meltdowns that some have described as “nightmarish.”

From planes to trains, here is a collection of Tweets from some very unlucky travelers.

Luggage Delays

A number of passengers traveling out of Toronto Pearson waited for days for luggage to show up to their destinations.

One Twitter user was left without her anxiety medication for at least two days.

“It would appear the demon clutches of Toronto Pearson have our luggage. Over 100 people from our plane have arrived in Vancouver while their luggage sits in Toronto. Never. Again. Screw you YYZ. Without fail. The worst airport in Canada,” wrote another Twitter user who clearly will never leave a positive review for Toronto’s airport.

Cancelled Sunwing Flights

Some Toronto residents who had traveled to Mexico were left stranded after winter storms disrupted operations.

“Stuck in Cancun international airport. Trying to get back to Toronto Aren’t letting people leave Some have been here for 3 days. No food or water being provided. Flying from Sunwing. Inhumane treatment,” tweeted Noah Calbery on Christmas day.

 Stranded Via Rail Trains

Just before Christmas, hundreds of Via Rail customers trying to get home for the holidays were left stranded, some without food after a winter storm wreaked havoc, rendering the train tracks “unsafe.” Along with cancellations, nine trains were trapped after trees fell on the tracks and on a train.

Some passengers were also unable to sleep on the stranded trains as well when train lights remained on…for over ten hours

For information related to Via Rail’s train schedule, click here.