Here are 5 bucket list destinations perfect for a winter road trip

Are you yearning for an unforgettable getaway without the hassle of air travel? Look no further than these five bucket list destination escapes, all within a drivable distance from Toronto. From treehouse vibes to stargazing domes, each destination promises a unique experience that will leave you with lasting memories. 

Pack your bags, hit the road, and get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! 

Spend the night surrounded by wolves at Parc Omega, Montebello

For a truly wild experience, venture to Parc Omega in Montebello. Here you can spend the night surrounded by wolves (and bears in the warmer months!). From their new wolf and bear suites to their wolf lodges and cabins, Parc Omega allows guests to have an awe-inspiring immersive experience, where guests can witness the beauty and mystery of these majestic creatures up close—but from the comfort and safety of their well-designed lodgings! Guests can also take full advantage of the 12km safari trail that allows cars to drive through the nature park and witness the Canadian wildlife that calls Parc Omega home. You can also buy carrots to feed some of the animals from your car window! It’s a one-of-a-kind and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that truly allows you to connect with nature and experience the Canadian wilderness, all just a road trip away from Toronto.

Treehouse Vibes at The Water’s Edge, Muskoka

Nestled in the heart of Muskoka, The Water’s Edge offers a magical escape with its enchanting treehouse accommodations. Imagine waking up to the sounds of nature and the gentle rustling of leaves as you enjoy this cosy stay. With hammock nets perched in front of the a-frame windows, the treehouse vibes provide a perfect blend of luxury and wilderness, making it an ideal retreat for nature lovers. With picturesque views of the serene lake and lush surroundings, this destination promises a peaceful and rejuvenating experience. As we get closer to those colder months, the fireplace and jacuzzi amenities offer a warming embrace against the Canadian cold. 

European spa hotel vibes at The HighAcre, Dundas

Escape to The HighAcre in Dundas for a taste of European elegance combined with the tranquillity of a spa retreat. Immerse yourself in luxury at this boutique hotel, where every detail is designed to create a serene and rejuvenating atmosphere. Each room comes with a private ensuite spa, including an infrared sauna, steam room, hot/cold plunge tub, LED face mask, massage gun, and fireplace. The HighAcre offers a perfect blend of relaxation and sophistication, making it an ideal destination for those seeking a European-inspired escape without leaving the comfort of Ontario.

Stargazing Dome at Glen Oro, Oro Medonte

For a celestial escape, head to Glen Oro in Oro Medonte, where stargazing takes centre stage. Stay in a unique stargazing dome that offers an unobstructed view of the night sky. Imagine lying beneath a canopy of stars, far from the city lights, and experiencing the magic of the universe. This bucket list destination is perfect for astronomy enthusiasts or anyone looking to reconnect with the cosmos. The secluded location and intimate setting make Glen Oro a dreamy retreat for those seeking an otherworldly adventure.

Spend the night in a yurt surrounded by Alpacas and Goats, Niagara

For a unique blend of rustic charm and animal companionship, head to Riverside Oasis Farm in Niagara for an unique glamping experience. Spend the night surrounded by the gentle presence of alpacas, goats and other farm animals, creating a serene and unforgettable atmosphere. The yurt provides a cozy retreat while allowing you to connect with nature and the delightful farm residents. It’s a perfect escape for those seeking a tranquil and charming getaway just a short drive from Toronto.

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