Groundbreaking immersive art exhibit set to hit The Well this summer

Arcadia Earth, an immersive environmental art exhibit and extended reality experience, is set to arrive in Canada for the first time. Following successful showcases in New York, Las Vegas, and Saudi Arabia, Arcadia Earth will become a permanent installation inside The Well, a massive mixed-use development in downtown Toronto’s Entertainment District.

With a space spanning 17,000 square feet, Arcadia Earth will offer a multi-sensory journey exploring pressing environmental challenges such as overfishing, plastic waste, and biodiversity loss. The exhibit presents human-scale art installations and incorporates augmented and virtual reality to provide an intimately personal experience. Each installation not only raises awareness about these challenges but also offers actionable suggestions for individuals to make a positive impact on the future of the planet. The exhibit features collaborations with leading environmental artists, including a dedicated space for a Canadian artist chosen through a Call to Artists submissions process.

Photo from a past Arcadia Earth exhibit

“From the moment you step into an Arcadia Earth experience, your relationship with our planet changes,” said Craig Perlmutter, president of Arcadia Earth Toronto. “So much of today’s conversation around the environment is focused on destruction and failure. Our exhibits flip the narrative, captivating visitors through mind-bending creativity and weaving in educational content that truly inspires. Our aim is to ignite a passion to learn more, drive tangible lifestyle changes and activate visitors to understand the positive impact they can have on the world around us.”

Arcadia Earth aims to transform visitors’ perspectives on the environment by engaging them in mind-bending creativity and educational content. The goal is to inspire a passion for learning, drive tangible lifestyle changes, and empower visitors to make a difference. Valentino Vettori, the founder of Arcadia Earth, believes that Canada’s diverse landscapes and the pride Canadians hold for their environments make it a natural fit for the exhibit’s permanent home.

Photo from a past Arcadia Earth exhibit

“Belonging to a country with such a vast collection of diverse landscapes from coast-to-coast, Canadians hold such pride and respect for their bountiful environments,” said Valentino Vettori, founder of Arcadia Earth. “This makes Canada such a natural fit for Arcadia Earth‘s permanent home and we know both locals and visitors alike will be motivated by our message.”

The installations at Arcadia Earth incorporate upcycled materials and reusable elements, highlighting the importance of sustainability. For example, salvaged commercial fishing nets are transformed into an underwater world, showcasing the challenges faced by marine life, while a large-scale beehive is constructed from reclaimed books to raise awareness about protecting bee populations.

In addition to the immersive experience, Arcadia Earth Toronto will include a marketplace showcasing eco-friendly and sustainable products primarily developed by Canadian entrepreneurs.

The official opening date for Arcadia Earth in Toronto will be announced later this summer.

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