Grocerants are opening all over Toronto — here’s what you need to know

Hybrid grocers, or “grocerants” are the latest trend sweeping the city, acting as a one-stop-shop for all your dining out and grocery item needs. A mashup of the words “grocery” and “restaurants” — think of delicious, locally owned spots that feature in-restaurant markets selling artisanal pantry items, fresh pasta and more.

We’ve sourced five of the most delicious hybrid grocery stores so you can snag a delicious lunch or dinner, and then grab some homemade wares to replicate the same meals at home.

Speducci Mercato

Owned and run by award-winning chef Gabriele Paganelli, Speducci Mercato offers an array of local and imported Italian products, exclusive prepared gastronomy, award-winning cured meats and fresh locally-sourced cuts from a butcher. Chef Paganelli is renowned for his salumi – naturally cured meats like prosciutto, pancetta and salami made the Italian way. Speducci offers a true farm to table approach, sourcing some items from an Ontario-based Mennonite farm.

Speducci Mercato is located at 46 Milford Ave.

Pepper’s Food and Drink

Pepper’s is a hidden gem in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood that offers a ton unique Korean snack food items like Pocky, hot and spicy noodles and shrimp crackers in addition to delicious grab-and-go junk food like hot dogs and crispy Korean steamed buns. You can also take a trip back to the 1980’s and order the Spam Lunch Plate, featuring crisped spam, steamed rice, soft scrambled eggs and a macaroni salad.

Pepper’s Food and Drink is located at 189 Wallace Ave.

Maeli Market

Maeli Market is the only supermarket that offers exclusive Taiwanese products in the city, selling snacks, cookware, drinks and gift items as well as hot bento meals and a wide array of tea. Try the fried veggie squid ring bento or the braised pork belly gua bao while you shop an assortment of sauces, teas, snack items and gift items straight from Taiwan.

Maeli Market is located at 18 William Sylvester Dr.


This Italian hybrid grocer offers a variety of local and important pantry items alongside a variety of house-made dishes that will taste like you took a flight to Italy. Try the gnochetti with basil pesto, parmigiano reggiano, stracciatella, basil or the wood fire mussels with cherry tomatoes, white wine, parsley, garlic, chili and house sourdough. Want to recreate one of their delicious meals at home? Recipe ingredients like pepperoncini, sugo and a variety of fresh pastas, breads and the piece de resistance, wine are all available in-store.

Mattachioni is located at 1617 Dupont St. and  1501 Gerrard Street E.


The Queen West custom butcher offers top quality meat and poultry sourced from local farms, along with prepared, fresh and frozen food items. Patrons can buy anything from lamb to sausages and gourmet pantry items like house-made granolas, dried fruits, spreads like orange-fig and dulce de leche. Looking for a nice gift for the holidays? A Cumbrae’s themed gift basket gives you all the fixings for anything from a delicious pasta dinner to sweet treats.

Cumbrae’s is located at 714 Queen Street W.