Grab of the Week: a mood ring for nostalgia’s sake (and for a good cause)

If you told us you had never heard of a mood ring because you weren’t around in the ’70s, we wouldn’t believe you. We can’t think of one girl since the ring’s invention in 1975 that hasn’t been intrigued by the idea of a wearable liquid crystal thermometer. How else are we to ever know how we are truly feeling inside?

Mood rings are back, and this time they’re bigger and better than ever. As of this month, some limited-edition mood rings have hit The Bay across Canada in stores and online.

Wearing this ring supports Partners for Mental Health. Did you know that only one third of Canadians who need mental health care actually receive it? Slip this on to help create some awareness.

$10. Available at The Bay, 176 Yonge St., 416-861-9111

Gracie Carroll is a Toronto-based freelance writer whose work has appeared in ELLE UK,, Plaid magazine and FILLER magazine. Keep up with her daily blog at

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