Spark Incredible Moments for Girls in your Community as a Girl Guide Volunteer

For more than 100 years, Girl Guides of Canada has been creating safe, inclusive space for girls to take the lead and jump into fun activities designed to help them grow – all with the support of their peers and the leadership of valued volunteers.

Maria Hornak and her daughter Gabriella

Girl Guides has been a vital experience for both volunteer Maria Hornak and her daughter ever since arriving as newcomers to Toronto in 2007. Hornak says that she is grateful for the opportunity Girl Guides gave them to find community and life-long friendships.

“What better way to get to know the neighbourhood, give back to the community in which I live, and share this experience with my daughter,” Hornak says. “We all want to feel a sense of community and Guiding did that for me.”

Hornak has been volunteering with Girl Guides for more than 14 years and says it has been rewarding to be part of a girl’s journey of self-discovery.

“There are lots of firsts in Guiding, be it a girl’s first time away from home, first time staying in a tent or first time canoeing,” she says. “Girls often later reminisce that some of these are their best memories. I find it so rewarding to be alongside them on the journey.”

Hornak considers it a privilege to see girls’ unique qualities shine through, especially when they have the chance to take on leadership roles. Depending on their age, girls could be teaching their peers a new skill or organizing a community service event.

“Their unique abilities come to light, and we get to experience the passion and drive they demonstrate representing the causes they believe in,” Hornak says.

Girl Guides of Canada invites women to join our valued team of volunteers! As a volunteer with Girl Guides, you’ll mentor girls in your community and help them unleash their potential as they develop ready-for-anything skills and go on new adventures.

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