Get ready for saxophonists, DJs and a three-piece band at T.O.’s newest supper club

Chambers Steak House & Supper Club is infusing Toronto’s Financial District with a touch of allure and sophistication. Located at 17 Toronto St., this new culinary venture adds a dash of seductive charm, promising a departure from traditional business-centric settings.

Chambers sets itself apart from other Toronto restaurants by delivering a transformative experience right from the moment guests step through the door and hand over their keys to valet. Going beyond the typical fine dining setting, Chambers incorporates a supper club atmosphere complete with live entertainment.

Chambers’ menu, curated by Executive Chef Gaspare (Sam) Greco, features an exquisite blend of Asian-fusion cuisine inspired by Japanese culinary traditions from his extensive travels and experiences abroad. A personal favourite of Chef Greco is the Tuna Tatake, which highlights Japanese flavours while also offering a refreshing salsa for a clean and fresh taste.

Drawing from the finest ingredients and culinary traditions spanning Indian, Thai, Indonesian, Chinese, Korean and predominantly Japanese cuisines, chef Greco brings a wealth of international experience to Chambers. With 22 years of culinary journey across destinations like the Middle East, Bahamas, British West Indies, Lebanon, and the Maldives, chef Greco has had the privilege of cooking for esteemed personalities, including members of the royal families in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia. His clientele also includes renowned American and Italian celebrities such as John Legend, Chrissy Teigen and Pierce Brosnan.

Chambers takes pride in its curated drink program, offering unique cocktails like The Midori, a spin on the classic espresso martini with matcha and cinnamon. Another highlight is The Kabu Kimono, served in a wooden bowl to evoke the feeling of drinking Japanese tea. This refreshing concoction combines sake, notes of peppermint, and Roku gin.

Chambers offers more than just delicious eats; it’s a unique space where guests can enjoy dinner and dancing, creating an atmosphere that stands out. Here, they can immerse themselves in an exclusive experience not easily found elsewhere in the Financial District. Live entertainment includes pianists, three-piece bands, dancers, saxophone players and specialty DJs, ensuring a memorable night out for all.

One of Chambers’ standout features is its third-floor room, designed to evoke the ambiance of a classic cigar lounge. Preserving many original elements from the historical building, including wooden panel walls and crown molding ceilings, adds to the authentic charm of the space.

“We plan to host scotch and wine tastings along with a drink connoisseur to speak to each pairing. The lounge will provide the vibe of an old time cigar room,” says Zambri.

Not only will the food and entertainment be a showstopper, but Chambers is adorned with mesmerizing decor.


“Our design inspiration came from the building itself. Built in the 1800s, it’s set on one of the oldest streets in Toronto and designed by Irfan Bukhari of Bukhari Design Build” says Zambri.

Chambers will offer a whimsical, retro yet modern vibe, featuring colours such as green and gold inspired by St. Andrews Church.

“We are also the first restaurant to have an interactive piece from (Toronto based artist) Max Jamali, embedded with gold flakes,” says Zambri.

With flavours from around the world, specialty cocktails, live music and interactive experience, Chambers is ready to lead the Financial District into a sophisticated culinary adventure.

Chambers Steak House and Supper Club will be open daily for dinner, beginning on Feb. 6, with plans to introduce lunch and patio dining in the future.

Article exclusive to STREETS OF TORONTO