Toronto artist GANGBOX calls out fashion industry in bold new installation

A bold new public art installation is underway at Harbourfront Centre featuring the work of an artist known as GANGBOX.

Stitched in Ages got underway on June 6 and is the work of local multidisciplinary artist Moya Garrison-Msingwana, a.k.a. GANGBOX. Garrison-Msingwana has partnered with Toronto brand Canada Goose to bring the installation, which focusses squarely on sustainability in fashion, to life.

“Stitched in Ages” features larger-than-life 3-D 7-foot-tall figures figures intricately crafted from upcycled fabrics and materials sourced from Canada Goose. These figures are said to represent the physical embodiment of the interconnectedness between humanity and the environment, hopefully prompting those who attend to reflect on their own choices.

With wildfire smoke descending on the city for a third straight day, recognising our own part in the climate crisis is essential. The fashion industry, fast fashion especially, reportedly contributes about 10 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions that have caused the climate emergency, and play a part in increased extreme weather. And, despite what Ontario Premier Doug Ford thinks, more and more forest fires are just one example of the climate crisis in action.

Stitched in Ages by GANGBOX

Running from June 6 to June 26, the installation invites visitors to immerse themselves in its thought-provoking ambiance.

Moya Garrison-Msingwana, also known as GANGBOX, is a Toronto-born artist and Illustrator with a BDES from OCAD University. Garrison-Msingwana brings a unique perspective to his eclectic work, which explores various themes rooted in pop culture, fashion, the supernatural, and the absurd. Known for subverting everyday interactions and social issues, Moya displays a profound fascination with form and character. Whether through zines, comics, murals, editorial illustrations, sculptures, or drawings, his art consistently delves into the body and its connection to the surrounding world.

Moya’s work can be found in galleries, private collections, and associated with notable campaigns and projects with brands such as Google, Loewe, Adidas, XL Recordings, and The Northface.

Garrison-Msingwana, created the exhibition based on his acclaimed LAUNDRY painting series, which explores the fusion of human form and textiles.

Moreover, he will delve into the motivation behind his shared values with Canada Goose, centered around the HUMANATURE purpose of preserving the planet while fostering warmth for its inhabitants. Additionally, Garrison-Msingwana will emphasize the significance of slow fashion and the role of longevity in garments, advocating for a more sustainable approach in the fashion industry.

The exhibit can be found in the north orchard section of Harbourfront Centre.

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