Meet the star of new Frasier TV reboot, T.O.’s Jess Salgueiro

We check in with Jess Salgueiro as she dishes on her thrilling start on the iconic TV show Frasier, teases her character’s escapades in the upcoming season, shares her fave Toronto hotspots, treasured possessions, and dream talent wish: breakdancing!

Tell up about those first few days working on such an iconic show.

It was very intimidating. Honestly, it wasn’t Kelsey [Grammer]; it was working with James Burrows that was intimidating. I had just listened to him being interviewed on the podcast Smartless, and I became very aware of his incredibly extensive resumé. How he’s like the father of multi-camera sitcoms and one of the creators of Cheers and Frasier. He’s directed more episodes of television than anyone on the planet. That was intimidating.

What did you do?

Being a new person and also never having worked in that [multi-camera] format, I was trying to observe and be, ‘OK, how do you do this? How does this work?’ I had no idea because it’s so different. You just have to get the rhythm of it and just trust it. 

And how was Frasier himself?

Kelsey was super warm from the beginning. He made us all feel welcome and that we were all colleagues — not that he was like our Big Boss. It really felt like we were just team partners. That was awesome.

What is your character, Eve, going to get up to in the coming season?

If anyone’s watched the show so far, they know that she’s a single mom. Raising her kid was going to be a pretty big part of her life. Also, she’s an actress. I don’t think she quite has a grasp of her craft yet. So I think it’d be really fun to watch her try and fail a few times. And I do think, once you know she’s grieved her partner’s death, that we’ll see some fun, cute relationships forming.

What Torontonian would you most like to hang out with?

Maybe Drake, just for the story. You know what I mean? Like, just to say I did it.

What’s your favourite restaurant?


Where do you take visitors to the city?

I live near High Park. So I’m a big fan. And the strip of streets on Roncy is charming. 

What is your greatest fear?

My greatest fear: I’m scared of being bored. I think that’s actually a big fear of mine.

What is your treasured possession?

Probably a box of diaries I have from when I was five years. Until I was 15, I wrote every day. I have probably 50 diaries of a snapshot of my kid brain. It’s pretty fascinating to peruse through once in a while.

Which talent would you most like to have? 

I would love to be able to breakdance. 


It’s a good party trick. It might be a bit cringy. But it’s also always impressive. 

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