Franco Mirabelli's blog: Toronto-made fashions showcased in N.Y.C.

That time of the year again. It’s down to New York City to launch my new collection for Spring-Summer 2010.

Now I love Toronto and I love Canada but in my eyes there are only four true blue fashion capitals — Milan, Paris, London and New York. The rest are what I jokingly consider “regional markets.”

After making fabric selections and designing each garment, we put together our fashion story for next season.

Armed with a set of samples that we prepare for market, I take the team — design assistant Grace Rigato and my wife, also our retail merchandiser, Nancy Mirabelli — down to Manhattan. It’s here where we showcase my vision, my collection, to buyers and fashion retailers from all over the world.

There is so much clothing in the world. So many buyers chase the latest fad or brand to explode on the scene, hoping that it becomes their next meal ticket. As much as I have craved this type of success, I have also wanted design longevity.

That’s why every season is personal and why I must maintain my own philosophy while designing.

With a staff of 35, we’re not the biggest fashion company but we produce every collection right here in Toronto, designing and making beautiful clothing that can compete with other designers and manufacturers from all over the world.

Perhaps it’s my old world background, we came from a place where everyone worked hard and believed in doing their best, no skimping or cutting corners. Maybe that’s why I believe in quality and things that never go out of style. I have never wanted to design disposable fashion but rather clothing that was timeless and remained modern at the same time.

Ciao for now.

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