Ossington is getting a new bar from Vancouver and it doesn’t serve alcohol

There’s a new bar arriving in Toronto this spring, but it might not be what you’re expecting! Formula Fig, the high-tech clean beauty facial bar based out of Vancouver is opening its first location on Ossington this spring. It boasts a “fast facial” concept and all the latest technological advancements to give you that sought-after west coast glow.

The beauty bar is set to open at 55 Ossington Ave. near Queen Street West, along with another store opening in Vancouver and an L.A. outpost as well.

Formula Fig, formerly known as Fig Face, has been recognized for its stylish London inspired interior since first opening in 2019. The brand’s aesthetic lends itself well to the new trendy Ossington location. The clean beauty bar advertises a combination of advanced technology, vitamin shots and injections to treat skin affordably, quickly and consciously. This model of ease and efficiency was inspired by founder Jessica Walsh’s own struggle to fit meaningful skincare into her busy routine as mom and entrepreneur. When Walsh started the brand, she made a point of offering injection and facial options that are served in just 30 minutes.

Walsh raises the attention of fashion industry folk as the former assistant to British fashion stylist Isabella Blow. She moved from London to Vancouver several years ago and found herself missing home. Walsh previously told Beauty Independent that she saw a “slight gap” in the market in Vancouver in terms of store interiors with a “polished” look. While the same can’t be said for Toronto – minimalist interiors reign supreme here! – the city likely hasn’t seen anything like some of Formula Fig’s more elaborate yet super-speedy facial offerings that incorporate every technological innovation imaginable.

Walsh hopes to disrupt the clean beauty movement with a brand that not only prioritizes quality product but presents it in a high design format. Cue a green marble, leather and velvet interior of one of Formula Fig’s Vancouver locations, accompanied by ambient low lighting a professional sound system. Fashion Magazine noted the sales associates wore a uniform green botanical-print pyjama suit— custom made by a South African menswear designer on recommendation from a former colleague at British Vogue.

Walsh has said that her aim is to remove the friction from the clean beauty process. To make the facial application as smooth as possible, facial services are packaged to include nothing more than they need to. There’s even a self serve facial option which only costs $30.


Popular advanced options in order of price: the “LED & Oxygen” facial which focuses on drainage and is concluded with 95 per cent pure oxygen being blown onto the skin ($75), “Hydrate & Glow” micro dermabrasion ($95), and “Lift & Tone” to stimulate collagen production ($115). Beyond these facials, Formula Fig also offers a “collagen & texture” super facial which utilizes nano-needling ($175) and a “Radiance & Renewal” laser treatment ($325).

Each facial is accompanied by a pair of headphones that play a 20-minute body scan meditation from Vancouver expert Michele Kambolis. Each treatment is concluded with LED light therapy, red for collagen boosting and blue for balancing bacteria for the skin microbiome, followed by a full facial massage.

And then that’s it. Tip is included in the price so there’s no need to worry about the math on your way out. When Formula Fig arrives in Toronto this season, it’ll be up to you to decide which fast-paced facial is the one for you to squeeze in between work and yoga class.

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