A new Toronto food and wine festival aims to smash cultural barriers

Trendy wine bars with local and imported sips are a hit all over Toronto, and a brand new food and wine festival is hoping to create a unique opportunity to pair local wines with food you don’t typically find on those menus. Head down to the Stackt Market on May 28 for the Spring into Spice festival, where attendees can sip on local wine and sample food from all over the globe with a wide selection of Caribbean, African, Indian, Thai and Latin American cuisines. 

Spring into Spice Festival
Beverly Crandon on Instagram

“One of the common tropes in epicurean circles is that Caribbean cuisine does not pair with wine so much as it does with rum and beer,” says Beverly Crandon, a sommelier, wine lover and founder of The Spice Food & Wine series – a series of events that gives everyone a chance to try wine paired with international cuisine. Crandon and her team, who have African-Caribbean and Latin roots, hope to introduce a new way of pairing wine with the Spring into Spice festival, the second in a series of vibrant GTA events that aim to break tradition and make wine more accessible.  

“With Spring into Spice, Torontonians will be able to travel the world without leaving the city, let alone crossing oceans to get there,” said Crandon. “People will be able to buy a glass of wine and feel confident in a pairing with an ethnic dish – a pairing they may have never imagined possible – then return home all in the span of a few hours.”

The event will bring 30 food vendors, wineries and wine importers from a variety of ethnic backgrounds together in an open-air environment. While the DJ plays, attendees will get a chance to walk around and sample tons of different dishes from across the globe. Think jerk chicken with a crisp chardonnay or empanadas with a full-bodied merlot. Vendors include local eateries like Haitian street food restaurant Boukan.

Spring into Spice Boukan
Boukan on Instagram

For those interested in digging deeper into food and wine pairings, people can take advantage of the immersive seminars scheduled throughout the day. 

The event will be held in the Spring into Spice Pavilion at Stackt Market on May 28 from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tickets can be purchased here.

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