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The five design trends that are taking off this spring

Luxury designer Michael London on the return of terrazzo flooring and wall panelling, but with a twist

Michael London was the design director at Gluckstein Design before starting his own firm. He now creates luxury spaces in Toronto’s most prestigious areas.

After a year of the pandemic, are you sick and tired of looking at the same old rooms in your home? This spring, embrace the five top trends in interior design and give your space the refresh it needs.

Light accent colours

Bold colours like burnt orange and navy blue for accent pieces, such as pillows and accessories, are being replaced by softer hues on large furniture items.

In my last project in Yorkville, I used a sofa upholstered in a blush pink fabric, which packs a punch when placed against a neutral backdrop. This spring, designers are using a wide range of soft accent colours this way.


A blush pink sofa packs a punch © Arthur Mola Photography

Softer metals

Metals in hard finishes such as polished brass, chrome and glossy black are being replaced with brushed or matte bronze, brushed or satin nickel and even matte black.

This trend of using softer metal finishes allows designers to use more subtle metal colours that won’t conflict but instead enhance the space, allowing all aspects of the design to come together as a whole.

Retro is back

Terrazzo was the flooring of choice in the ’20s, and it has come and gone throughout the last century, and it’s definitely back this spring.

I love this trend in flooring as these updated versions of terrazzo tile still hold true to its known durability and reliability. However these newer versions include beautiful colours from neutral greys to unique colour combinations.

Another amazing retro look that is back this year is the use of metal inlays. They add an extra dimension to your space and layering is critical in good interior design.


design trends
Get creative with tile patterns in all shapes and sizes © North Drive

Unique tile patterns

Designers love to push the envelope, and thankfully manufacturers are starting to produce all sorts of materials to allow us to create spaces that are creative and immersive, especially when it comes to tiling.

Tiling in 2021 is no longer about standard sizes. Tiles are being cut into smaller pieces and incorporated into tile designs. Tile designs such as a unique square diamond effect add more depth and dimension to a space. In my last project, I had the slabs cut into trapezoids and added a metal inlay for the floor tile pattern.

Wall panelling with a twist

Traditional elements such as wall panelling are being reimagined. Traditional panelling as a backdrop in one room can be played up to add more layers and give more depth.

Whether you’re dealing with a traditional recessed panel or applied moulding style, wall panelling takes on a whole new dimension when you tweak the proportions and the placement of the panels.

The trick is to maintain symmetry. Try wrapping the panels around the corners of a room. Or use the baseboard to surround the door as a casing. The result is a gorgeous rethink of traditional panelling. This is a trend that will inspire designers at all levels this year.

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