5 delicious new restaurants to try in Toronto this week

Amid a flood of new eateries that open each week, a few manage to rise above the rest. From a saki bar with Korean and Japanese small plates, to a spot that captures the essence of Afghan cuisine, here are five delicious new restaurants to try in Toronto this week.



Hoon and Min, who humorously refer to themselves as ‘the anchovies,’ are the owners of Mhel, a sake bar with seasonal Korean and Japanese small dishes located in Bloorcourt. The name ‘Mhel’ directly translates to ‘anchovy’ in the Jejeu, and anchovies hold significant importance in both Korean and Japanese cuisines. 276 Havelock St.

Mokutan Yakitori 


While Toronto boasts several excellent Japanese and Korean izakayas (bar), Mokutan Yakitori certainly stands out. The menu offers a variety of skewers featuring an abundance of meat and veggie options. One standout appetizer is the scallop kiwi, which showcases a fusion of sweet and savoury. Beyond skewers, the menu has a selection of seafood including udon, as well as Korean rice cakes and Tokyo fries. Being an izakya, there is a wide range of beverage options, including Japanese sake and beer as well as cocktails. 7507 Yonge St., Thornhill



In the heart of Roncesvalles you’ll find the picturesque Konia: “Vietnamese cuisine, made with love and made to share.” Konia takes its name from the Vietnamese word for an ancient tree known for providing shade and a gathering space for different ethnic groups in Vietnam. With an aim to introduce the city and the world to a place where you can experience the best of traditional Vietnamese cuisine with a modern twist, the spot also has a bunch of really fun cocktails, including the the “Pho” Revolution, the Sunken Cloud and the Compound Vie. 403 Roncesvalles Ave.

Chloe’s Convenience


Chloe’s Convenience, nestled within Markham’s Pacific Mall, brings a slice of Hong Kong’s bustling shopping districts to the masses. These bagged noodles are a beloved street food sensation in Hong Kong. They consist of chilled noodles that you customize with your choice of toppings, all brought together by a mouthwatering, savoury, garlicky, and spicy sauce that’s truly irresistible.  Expertly shaken in a bag, they offer a trendy and convenient on-the-go treat. 4300 Steeles Ave. E., Markham.


MAZADAR offers an authentic Afghan dining experience, blending aromatic spices and fresh local produce to capture the essence of Afghan cuisine. Their menu features  pilafs and  marinated kebabs, promising a memorable culinary journey that celebrates Afghanistan’s diverse flavours and traditions. 1606 Queen St. E.