Find your perfect Ontario wine match with the VQA Matchmaker

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As the weather cools down and the entertaining season heats up, we’ve teamed up with VQA Wines of Ontario, to help you prepare for your next get-together.

Wine Country Ontario is a world class wine region that is right here in our own backyard, giving you easy access to local wines that are crafted with 100% Ontario grown grapes. Not able to get to Wine Country for an adventure? Recreate the experience at home with a dinner party or at-home tastings. It is the perfect way to enjoy the distinctive charm and flavours of VQA Ontario wine, no matter the season.

With so many VQA Ontario wineries and wine varieties to try, the VQA Matchmaker will help you discover the perfect match for your next event—large, small or otherwise.

The holidays are fast approaching, and dinner party season is about to kick into full swing. Choosing the perfect pairing for your carefully curated dinner party menu is made that much easier with the VQA Matchmaker. Build your wine list by browsing world class VQA wines – filter your choices to match your menu (or your guests’ tastes), choose from sweet or dry, red or white, region (and more), to find your ideal match each time.

This handy online tool connects you directly to the wineries —and an added bonus? You’ll be able to order straight from the winery itself.

The VQA Matchmaker allows you to create your own ‘VQA Match Lists’ that can be saved and shared with friends for gifting. Leading up to the holiday season, share your VQA Matches with your friends and ask for theirs as well. These lists make for the perfect cheat sheets that take out the guesswork of knowing which wines you and your loved ones will enjoy.


Though selecting the perfect bottle to pair with your main course is essential, a fun way to really experience VQA Ontario wine culture is to embrace the colder weather and try a VQA Icewine.

Ontario is known world-wide for VQA Icewine, crafted from grapes that have been left to freeze on the vine. This liquid gold makes decadent wines that are elegant, sweet and delicious. While lovely to drink on its own, VQA Icewine is a great match with many foods and pairs well with salty flavours, spicy dishes and of course, desserts. Try it as a starter with pâté or alongside a fresh fruit and cheese plate before the main course.

Another way to enjoy it? As a cocktail. A favourite of ours is the VQA Berry Frosty.

Whether you’re looking for a white, red, rose, sparkling, or Icewine from a specific region, or to try a selection of your favourite varietals from one of Ontario’s diverse appellations, make your next tasting an immersive experience, using the VQA Matchmaker to help you find your tasting options.

VQA Berry Frosty: 

1 ½ oz VQA Vidal Icewine
3 oz Peach juice
1 oz VQA Rosé Sparkling Wine
5 strawberries

In a cocktail shaker muddle four strawberries, then add VQA Icewine and peach juice. Shake vigorously and strain into a glass with ice. Top with VQA Sparkling wine. Garnish with a strawberry.

To find your perfect pairing or learn more about VQA Ontario Wines, head to VQA Matchmaker, and follow Wine Country Ontario on Facebook and Instagram.

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