7 fall date ideas to prepare for cuffing season in Toronto

There’s something pretty spooky around the corner, and it’s not Halloween. Cuffing season is fast approaching, meaning it’s time to get out there and find your special someone to spend the colder months with (unless flying solo is more your style). Thankfully, there’s plenty to do in the city to spice up your average first date! Keep reading for seven great fall date ideas in and around Toronto for when you finally find that special someone.

Head on over to Riverdale Farm

Take a gander around the charming barns and expressive cottages at the historic Riverdale Farm. Take your date over to the animal section, where you can bond over cute animals like horses, cows, pigs, ducks, goats and sheep. You and your date will feel like you’ve taken a day-long trip to a remote, rural area made for just you two instead of the heart of Toronto. To make life even easier, it’s completely free! Settle down at Riverdale Park afterwards with a coffee to warm your hands and a potential connection to warm your heart!

Get into the festive mood at Pumpkins After Dark

Cuddle up with your date and cruise through Pumpkins After Dark! Located at Country Heritage Park, this amazing fall date idea gives you a chance to stare into your date’s dreamy eyes under glowing jack-o-lanterns. Each and every pumpkin is hand carved with experts roadside actively carving as you walk through. This splendid date idea will close on Nov. 7, so it might be time to be a bit more selective with your Tinder scrolling.

Get lost in a corn maze

Cooper’s Farm and Maze lets you take your date by the hand and get lost in the expansive corn maze. You can even bring your pooches with you on Saturdays and on Fridays, turn up the romantic flair with a nighttime walk (we promise it’s not spooky!). Tickets are available on their website, and photo-ops are encouraged.

Take your date to Fika Cafe for fall-inspired drinks and treats

We’re all lovers of pumpkin spice goods in the fall, and for a lot of us, Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte is the first drink to pop into our heads. However, there are a ton of local shops around the city that are ready to become pumpkin spice royalty. Fika Cafe is a Swedish-inspired shop in the Kensington Market. They have a terrific iteration of the pumpkin spice latte with espresso, milk, cardamom bitters, simple syrup and cinnamon. Grab one for each of you and then spend the afternoon going on a vintage shopping spree through the market.

Dive head first into a flurry of cranberries

For the more adventurous date, Muskoka Lakes Farm and Winery is home to Johnston’s Cranberry Bar, a chance for you to take a deep, deep plunge into a lake of cranberries. The farm produces up to 400,000 pounds of cranberries across its 27-acre farm. After you finish your plunge, feel free to indulge in some cranberry wine and take a bunch of pics throughout.

Take a hike at Glen Stewart Ravine

Glen Stewart Ravine gives you the chance to feel like you’ve left the city without actually leaving. Stroll through the boardwalk, hike through the forest and enjoy all of the stunning views that the ravine has to offer. With the fall colours on their last legs, snap a couple photos and go for an Instagram story soft launch that features only your date’s shoulder with a backdrop of crimson leaves!

Set sail across Lake Ontario on a Toronto dinner cruise

Have a candlelit dinner with your date as you board a cruise on the Toronto harbourfront and sail across Lake Ontario. You two will have the chance to enjoy music and dance under the stars as you share a special night with other couples. There will be plenty of chances for photo-ops and romantic one-on-one moments.

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