Ex-Drake chef Anthony Rose wants to open a bunch of new Toronto restaurants

Word has it that ex-Drake chef Anthony Rose has some big plans up his sleeve. The ambitious chef-cumentrepreneur plans to open not one, not two, but three new Toronto eateries in the next two years under the banner of his new restaurant group Rose and Sons. While the exact concept behind the new ventures has yet to be revealed, Rose is emphatic that simple food and a good atmosphere will be the name of the game in his upcoming resto trifecta.

"The concepts are very simple," Rose says. "We want to go into a good space, do very little to it, and come up with something gorgeous."

While Rose had originally kept his location-search to the downtown core, the limited real-estate options led him to expand his search to Leslieville, Yonge and Eg, the Junction and beyond. Having widened his scope, Rose has been tireless in his hunt for the perfect venue.

"We've got all these great concepts and now we just have to find the right place for them."

Atmosphere and ambiance are extremely important to Rose, and he has been in talks with a number of local artists, including street and graffiti artists, regarding restaurant design.

"We don't want to go down the path well trodden. We want to do something different, and create a great atmosphere where people keep coming back for more."

If all goes as planned, at least one of Rose's new ventures could potentially open its doors by fall. Look out for an influx of Rose's creative and culinary vision coming soon — quite possibly — to a neighbourhood near you.

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