Massimo Capra meatball

Entire safe stolen from celebrity chef Massimo Capra’s Toronto restaurant

Just after 1 a.m. on Tuesday, two individuals in hoodies broke into Capra’s Kitchen, located at 1834 Lakeshore Rd. W., taking the restaurant’s safe in its entirety.

Capra’s kitchen, along with many local supporters, reposted the surveillance cameras from inside the office, as well as the parking lot. The alleged robbers were seen wearing hoodies, one of whom had “Rockstar” branding on the front and back. The first individual was wearing Air Jordan 1 sneakers, while the other wore some form of Nike running shoe.

The duo appeared to have taken off in an early 2000s Honda CR-V. The licence plate was not caught by the restaurant’s security cameras.


Chef Massimo Capra had this to say in his Instagram post: “Please watch video…share video and please, if anyone has any information regarding this terrible crime, please let us or the Peel Regional Police know. Chef Massimo is offering a cash reward for any info that helps us catch the people who did this, as some very personal items belonging to their Deceased Son Andrew Capra was in the safe that was stolen.”

“To the thief… please…. if you are reading this….send back Andrew’s belongings.”

Capra’s Kitchen is a casual, urban restaurant that serves a number of Italian dishes, including Antipasto, pasta and pizza. “We consider ourselves to be a very fresh approachable restaurant with a wonderful team of staff. Our food is sourced locally whenever possible and we also use high-quality ingredients from Italy and Canada,” said the restaurant website.

Capra is offering a cash reward to anyone who has information regarding the robbery. Tips can be left at the Peel Crime Stoppers website or left over the phone at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477).

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