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How comedian Emma Hunter married her university sweetheart

The host of CBC's new series Fridge Wars tells us all about being parents to three boys under two

When it comes to the Canadian comedy scene, Emma Hunter has become quite the familiar face, with roles on TV series such as The Beaverton, Mr. D and Spun Out. She also hosted the game show Pop Quiz with Devon Soltendieck. Now Hunter steps into another hosting role, this time on CBC’s new series Fridge Wars. We caught up with her to learn more about her life off-screen and how she met her husband Tom Macmillan.

How they met

We met at Queen’s University when we were 21. Can you image? Children! But we were at the right place at the right time, and as Tom says, “If you’re around long enough they’ll eventually marry you.” So I did.

The first date

Tom’s mother was down visiting him in Kingston and decided we should have a formal date. It’s a long story, but she is a planner and thought Tom needed to up his game with that girl who was always around. See! Be around! It works both ways. Anyway, he made a grocery store fondue in his apartment. This is an incredibly refined gesture from a 21-year-old boy. The cheese was hot, my friends! We ate the $9 fondue for two and then, I think, watched a DVD? Very 2005.

The courtship

One memorable moment is when Tom was in law school. There were many nights before his exams when he would stay up all night drinking root beer to stay awake. There is no caffeine in root beer. We found this out after he graduated.

We’ve been fortunate enough to travel a lot. We saw the sunrise over Angkor Wat, rode escalators jet lagged in Hong Kong, spoke bad French in Paris and shut down Khao San Road in Bangkok. Tom taught me to ski in the mountains of Quebec but also vomited on me in a cab, so … perspective.

The proposal

It was raining. I had no idea. Tom asked my dad in advance, not because I am chattel but because he thought my dad would like it — which he did. I was 25 and Tom was 26. Again! Children! But I wouldn’t change a thing. Good decision.

The wedding

We got married at the Windsor Arms in Toronto. I didn’t see it beforehand; my mum, Jane Hunter, who is exceptional with everything interior design, chose it. Not because she’s wedding obsessed but because I was working out of town and she knows what I like. She nailed it, it was fab. It was a real celebration. Lots of laughing and dancing.

The kids

Do we have kids?! We have three boys two and under! Our eldest Sam is two, and then we had twin boys, Harry and Charlie, who are one. I know: it’s a little much. It’s a lot of male energy. But so far everyone is cool — so far.

Balancing careers and marriage

We eat and shower and pay our taxes. It’s a tornado of daycare: our nanny, Sheila, who is an angel from the heavens, and our incredible parents. Please send us your teens. It takes a village, especially if you have birthed a village.

Shared interests

We like food and have a pretty special group of friends. So I guess we try to eat around our friends? Sounds weird, but that’s the dream, right? Eat with people you like.

The home

We live in the Beaches. It is the greatest. I love the community.

Secret to success

Showers? Keep showering, Toronto!

Life after retirement

I hope our sons are calling the Bangkok police because their geriatric parents are lost in the streets.

Fridge Wars premieres on CBC on Thursday, Feb. 27, at 8 p.m.

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