Eglinton West Cedarvale Station

Eglinton West Station is getting a name change and people are divided

If you’ve been on the west side of Line One recently, you might have seen an unfamiliar name come over the small screens when entering Eglinton West Station. The station is now called Cedarvale Station with the name change being a part of the upcoming addition of Line 5 along Eglinton, otherwise known as the still-not-open Crosstown LRT.

People online noticed the change and many are divided. The most notable aspect is that many people online mention that there is currently no voice-over message for the new name that plays over the intercom, in fact, nothing plays when entering what used to be Eglinton West. 

This is likely due to the fact that the newly dubbed Cedarvale Station will serve as a hub for riders to switch between Line One and the Crosstown LRT upon its completion.

When it comes to the new name, many online don’t like what was chosen. One commenter wrote “I guess we’ll get used to the new station names but some of them are not particularly intuitive. Eglinton and the Allen (where Eglinton West is) is across the street from the northwest corner of Cedarvale but technically is between two different parts of Upper Forest Hill Village.” 

“My experience has been that Torontonians typically refer to locations by intersection more than anything else and it would be reasonable for the LRT stations to reflect that,” the commenter continued. 

Another commenter mentioned how confusing this will be for long-time TTC riders, “And of course, this is going to confuse longtime riders who expect it to be called Eglinton West and newer seatfolks who assume Eglinton (West) will remain being called Eglinton.”

A different commenter expressed restrained excitement at the name change, seeing it as a “sign that we are closer to actually having the line working.”

However many are skeptical that the line will be done by this year like it is expected to. Construction of the Line began in 2011 and was supposed to be finished by 2020 and has faced several delays. There is also no exact date of completion announced as of writing with developers saying that it will be done in 2023 with no further explanation.

Other people online said that the name change is not a problem for them, with one comparing it to that name change that Downsview Park Station had, originally being referred to as Sheppard West 

Line Five, more commonly known as the Elginton Crosstown or the Elginton LRT, is set to be finished this year and will feature 25 stations.

Among those 25 stations will be three current ones, Eglinton, Cedarvale and Kennedy, which will serve as an extension to Line Two and Line Three

The line is also set to have stations at several key areas such as the Aga Khan Museum and Park as well as the current location of the Ontario Science Centre.

However Premier Doug Ford’s recently announced his plan to move the location of the Science Centre to Ontario Place. The name of the currently under construction stay will likely change if that move goes through. 

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