Drink your coffee and wear it, too

Toronto’s Lit Espresso Bar is no stranger to the fact that one man’s waste is often another man’s gold. Last year, it donated used coffee grinds to Urban Productions, a local design company, which used the grinds for a tile project. These days, though, the cafe throws out around one and a half green bins worth of coffee grind per week. But who knows, maybe brown will become the new green. A Taiwanese textile company has found a way to transform used coffee grinds into fabric fibers. 

Singtex Technical Fabric, the company behind the coffee-based fabric, uses a patented process to transform the tiny grinds into textiles. The recycled materials keep the fabric eco-friendly, along with some other added bonuses. Jason Chen, general manager at Sintex, outlined coffee-fabric’s various boons to Reuters:

"Its most important functions are: one, it absorbs water and dries fast; two, it has deodorizing function or odour control function; three, it blocks harmful ultraviolet rays and four, it reduces harm to the environment.” The only thing that could surpass the futuristic fabric, it seems, would be a suit of Mandalorian body armour.

With coffee being ordered countless times a day and its waste being, well, wasted, maybe it’s time for this Taiwan trend to expand. In the meantime, here’s a list of some other nifty things you can accomplish with coffee grinds.


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