Drink This: the award-winning Dill Pickle at Canoe

When Michael Bracegirdle tried to remove the Dill Pickle from Canoe’s cocktail menu, it deterred no one. Bay Street barflies simply continued to order the award-winning tipple, and the bar manager opted to return it to its rightful place. 

On the menu since 2008, the ’tail ($14) originally came about because a gin-based drink was deemed necessary. Serving a drink that mimics a dill pickle was an unusual idea, and the quirky invention was deemed a menu must. 

As the building-top restaurant is focused on showcasing the best of Canada in its offerings, each beverage has an element of Canadiana to it. In this case it’s the Dillon’s gin. Shaken with some Grand Marnier, white cranberry juice, bar lime and a dash of dill puree, the drink comes straight up in a martini glass, punctuated with a wee gherkin. The result is surprising tasty; creamy on the palate with some brininess at the end.

It sure beats the Pickleback.

Canoe, 66 Wellington St. W., 416-364-0054

Karolyne Ellacott is a features editor at Post City Magazines. She pedals around town in heels, eating sandwiches and drinking cocktails. She writes about that, and about other stuff too. She is also on Twitter.

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