10 of Toronto’s biggest foods guaranteed to fill you up in a single serving

If you’ve ever been so famished you could devour a whole feast, then you’re in for a treat at these Toronto restaurants serving up gigantic meals that will satisfy your hunger for weeks to come!

From a 24-layer cake to a giant-sized meatball, check out this list of 10 places to get a super-sized meal.

Louix Louis


Located inside the St. Regis, this hotel restaurant has already received international attention for its glammed up design, which features a 60-foot ceiling mural by Toronto artist Madison van Rijn, evoking swirling whisky in a glass — an homage to the city’s liquor distilling heritage. But it’s their beloved dessert The King’s Cake — a thirteen-layer chocolate cake,  made with guayaquil ganache, vanilla ice cream and topped with chocolate sauce that has the people coming back for more.

Corned Beef House


You (obviously) have to try one of the colossal sandwiches at The Corned Beef House. Varieties include Ruben, turkey roast beef, Montreal smoked and corn beef. Four sizes to choose from ranging from skinny (5 oz) to gigantic (10 oz) and even colossal (16 oz). Can’t choose? Go for the Godzilla—it’s the ultimate sandwich with heaps of assorted meats piled high.

Petit Potato


Taiwanese Fusion Cafe Petit Potato is a laid-back spot known for its diverse range of bubble teas, Chinese desserts, and snacks. One of their standout creations is the Golden Toast, a 10-inch tower of thick, golden white bread that takes 30 minutes to prepare. Flavours such as strawberry, blueberry, mango, purple yam, red bean, and Oreo are available.

Gio Rana


Head over to the Queen and Leslie St. corner, and you’ll discover the charming Gio Rana restaurant, affectionately known as ‘The Nose.’ Don’t miss their standout dish: a massive meatball in flavorful tomato ragu, crowned with pesto and asiago cheese. It’s a must-try!

Hollywood Cone


Hollywood Cone, an Ontario ice cream café, serves up delightful desserts like shakes and cakes to sweeten your special moments. Alongside their regular menu, they offer The Titanic Split challenge: Finish an 18-inch banana split with 3 bananas, caramel sauce, Oreos, heaps of ice cream, Skor, whipped cream, Belgian Milk Chocolate drizzle, pirouline hazelnut wafers, and turtles in 20 minutes, and it’s on the house!

The Bullger


Small burgers might not be everyone’s style, but not to fret! The Bullger is the spot for those ready to tackle enormous burgers. Take for example the Muletto with its all-beef patty, crusted jalapeño, cheddar cheese, grilled pineapple, lettuce, tomato, and chipotle aioli. It’s a challenge worth taking!

Holy Shakes


Holy Shakes, a milkshake and dessert bar, boasts an extensive menu of over 100 gourmet fusion shakes. The Super Freakshake, a mouthwatering masterpiece, requires 45 minutes of preparation. It features delectable flavours like Kit Kat Caramel Brownie, Banana Foster Cheesecake, and Rocky Road that are sure to make you drool.

La Manna


Everything at La Manna is huge. Located at 6758 Kingston Road, the spot makes jumbo – 28-inch – slices of pizza. Dubbed the Big Slice, these supersized creations are racking up the Insta likes thanks to a menu ranging from the classics like the Italian Margherita and the simple Americano to non-traditional options like the grilled cheese – a slice covered in a dozen or so mini-grilled-cheese sandwiches and the Poutine loaded with French fries and smothered in gravy. And let’s not forget that Lamanna’s is also a bakery, so dessert slice options are as drool-worthy (and photographic) as their savory cousins. There’s the birthday cake Big Slice which, you guessed it, is topped with buttercream and birthday cake, and the Simpson, topped with pink dipped sprinkle donuts. Dessert lovers can get their fix with other decadent options that include churros, brownies, and cannoli.

The Big Cannoli


The Big Cannoli lives up to its name with their generously sized cannolis. One of their offerings features a colossal cannoli that’s surrounded by numerous smaller ones, totaling an impressive 100 cannolis in all. It’s a cannoli lover’s dream come true!

La Palma


Indulging in the culinary delights at La Palma wouldn’t be complete without ordering the mozzarella and bolognese 100-layer lasagna. As it arrives at your table, the presentation itself is a work of art – crowned with a crispy parmesan crust that’s been delicately torched to perfection and garnished with vibrant, aromatic basil leaves.

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