This family business sells to everyone from Mark McEwan to Longo’s

When Kostas and Anastasia Dikeos came to Canada from Greece, they were in search of a better life where they could put family first. Decades later, they’ve found it after establishing a fast-growing family business that supplies chicken and more to some major retailers and restaurants in Toronto.

Created 25 years ago, D&D Poultry has grown in size and stature over the years. The meat company sells to some of the biggest names in the Toronto food industry, including Longo’s and the McEwan Group restaurants. Now, they’ve made it possible for you to buy the meat used by the city’s top restaurants to make at home.

While the brand is recognizable within the Ontario food industry now, it started with humble roots. Before establishing the company, in the ’80s and ’90s Kostas Dikeos worked as a food broker and, while at his job, noticed a continuous demand for poultry. It was a popular choice in an economically challenging time and what had become a more health-conscious society. He chose to follow his instinct, and the business was born.

The company began in a modest, 2,000-square-foot facility in Markham with a select few employees and minimal technology within the plant. But, good quality products were, and will always be, the backbone of the business. So, as the years went by, D&D Poultry began to expand and grow with world-class, advanced technology that has enabled the company to create the highly-regarded chicken and more they offer to restaurants and grocers around the city today.

Coming from Greece, the Dikeos family has also established their roots within the Greek community here in Toronto, supplying chicken and other meat products to restaurants along the Danforth.

In 2020, the company made the decision to offer home delivery to customers in Toronto and across the GTA, and the move was so popular that they’ve kept the home delivery option in place even after lockdowns ended.

D&D Poultry has grown exponentially since its inception, moving to a 20,000-square foot facility in Toronto and selling to more and more well-known eateries in the city. Today, the company is run by all members of the Dikeos family: Betty, Bobby, Alexandria, Georgia, Anastasia and Kostas.

“The collaboration of different generations is the secret ingredient to the success of the company,” they say.

The growing extended family, which also includes staff, has been a central focus of the company’s story, as many key staff members have been with the company since it was established 25 years ago.