Dark Horse Espresso Bar possibly expanding to the Eaton Centre (you know, the indie mecca of Toronto)

Dark Horse Espresso Bar opened its third location just last year, but owners have apparently been deliberating a fourth location to be housed in the Toronto Eaton Centre. Yes, that Eaton Centre. Co-owner Deanna Zunde tells us that plans have been in the works since around March for a fourth Dark Horse to emerge on the ground floor of Sears, but says those plans may be changing in light of Sears’ recent CEO changeover.

Because of the changes at Sears, Zunde is concerned that the project may have fizzled out. She and Dark Horse co-owner Ed Lynds still want to pursue it, though. If things continue as planned, Sears’ Eaton Centre location will host a rather sizeable incarnation of Dark Horse: a 1,500-1,700 square foot café, similar in size to the Spadina location, with tall ceilings and lots of natural light. In short, exactly what we’d expect of a Dark Horse, minus the whole Sears thing of course.

“I was hesitant at the beginning,” Zunde says of the prospect. “But it’s a beautiful spot. I wouldn’t have done it if we had to compromise on anything.”

So, is it happening? Is it not happening? She doesn’t know, though a building additions/alterations permit under the name of "Dark Horse Cafe" is currently under review by the City of Toronto. Zunde says no construction has begun at the site.

Still, this whole this has us wondering: what’s next? A Sam James Coffee Bar at the CN Tower?

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