Cyber security safety tips while working from home

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As employees continue to pivot between home and the workplace, there are more opportunities than ever to be vulnerable to data breaches, compromised privacy, and more. Personal Injury Law Firm, Diamond and Diamond Lawyers, allows their entire team to work remotely. Senior Partner, Jeremy Diamond shares his advice on how to protect your privacy and security no matter where you’re working:

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Change the Way You Keep Passwords

Ensure your passwords are strong, update your passwords quarterly, and don’t use the same password for multiple functions. Also, be sure to create a password document process and give access to someone you trust in case of an emergency. Regularly updating your passwords is essential, as sometimes a website’s security will be compromised, and login details may be stolen.

Be Mindful of Sharing Personal Information

Be cautious when sharing personal information in text messages or on social media, Diamond advises. “You can never be sure exactly who you’re talking to, fraudsters are constantly changing the way they target people.” Phone numbers can be spoofed and it’s simple to set up an account resembling someone else. If in doubt, wait until you see them in person and talk with them then.

Invest in Antivirus Software

Download antivirus software on all devices you use for work. Jeremy says, “while there are a number of free antivirus programs, none of these provide the protection that a premium service does. As such, it’s worth paying the small monthly or annual subscription fee for the peace of mind that it gives you.” Always ensure your antivirus is switched on before you open any downloaded files.

Keep All of Your Software Updated

Keep up with the latest versions of the systems and programs you use – especially for the tools you use to communicate information with your clients and co-workers (e.g. video conferencing, email, etc.) The latest versions are the most secure and have generally had all known security flaws patched out. You should be automatically notified of any available updates, so it’s simply a matter of installing them.

Screen Share Sensibly

When screen sharing, be aware of other information that is on your desktop as well as push notifications (like text messages.) Selecting a specific web browser to share may help you control what you share. Following screen sharing best practices can help reduce the risk that other people see any sensitive information such as login details or confidential information.

Follow Your Employer’s Security Practices

If you’re not sure what your business’s best practices are, reach out to HR for clarification. By following the guidelines set out by your company, you’re less likely to be vulnerable to any cybersecurity breaches. This is important to follow, regardless of whether you’re using your own laptop or one that’s provided by your workplace.

Following these guidelines will ensure that your time working from home goes as smoothly as possible and that you won’t encounter anything that disrupts your work. Staying one step ahead of any bad actors will ensure the smoothest possible experience for you and your business.

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