New ice cream shop in Toronto turns old classics into frozen custard desserts

Creamery X in Toronto turns classic recipes into new custard frozen ice cream. While COVID-19 has set many businesses back, for creative entrepreneurs Bonnie Gallant and Melissa Baird, the pandemic has given them time to think — about frozen custard and vegan ice cream flavours.

“Sometimes we think of flavours in the middle of the night. We dream of making ice cream!” says Gallant.

When owners Gallant and Baird realized that one loves to bake and the other loves ice cream, Creamery X was born.

“Funny enough, we started Creamery X last fall on a passing conversation. We were talking about how much Bonnie loves ice cream and Melissa loves to bake, and dreaming about how fun it would be to create our own flavours. The passing thought turned into diving into research about ice cream machines and the science behind it and before we knew it our freezer was full of various ice cream test recipes,” Gallant says.



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“We have a list of flavour combinations we’d love to create that just keeps growing. We tinker with classic desserts to find ways to make them unique, like our hipster butterscotch. We focus on flavours we love — sweet and savoury — and how we can change them and put them in ice cream, like fig and lemon goat cheese. We’re just always throwing around ideas — any time we see something we wonder if we can make it into an ice cream,” Gallant says.

Selling frozen custard and vegan ice cream in the middle of the winter mid-pandemic may seem like an impossible feat, but the duo has been creative with takeaway pints and boxes filled with treats.

“We’re always releasing new stuff — our next release will be ice cream squares (sandwiches). They’re launching in the coming weeks. We’re also working on a birthday box, and release on average one to three new flavours per month,” Gallant says.



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The last Valentine’s box the team created included luxe candles, candies, and delicious custard or vegan pints, so the upcoming birthday boxes will surely be something to look forward to.

Find Creamery X at 124 Jarvis St. between 5:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday evenings. Pints are sold until there are no more left and this is small batch custom stuff, so the new flavours sell out quickly.

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