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Toronto reports single-day record high of COVID-19 cases on Monday

On Monday, Ontario reported 1,242 cases of COVID-19, and 12 new deaths. Of the new cases, Toronto reported 483 new cases — representing a new single-day record high for the city.

Other areas that reported high numbers include:

  • Peel Region reported 279 new cases
  • York Region reported 107 new cases
  • Ottawa reported 74 new cases
  • Hamilton reported 57 new cases

“There are 821 more resolved cases and over 28,400 tests completed,” Health Minister Christine Elliott tweeted on Monday.

There are currently 9,514 active COVID-19 cases in Ontario, and Monday marks the fourth straight day that case numbers have been higher than 1,000. The number of new cases reported on Monday is a slight decrease from Sunday’s provincial case count (1,328 cases — the highest recorded in Ontario in a 24-hour period), but it was higher than Saturday’s case count of 1,132.

Still, under the province’s revised COVID-19 Response Framework, businesses that were previously forced to revise or even close operations as a result of the virus (e.g., gym activities, indoor dining at restaurants, etc.) will be allowed to resume operations in COVID hot spots. On Nov. 14, Toronto will move to the restrict (orange) level of the framework (joining Ottawa and York Region, which already moved to this level on Saturday).

For restaurants and bars, the restrict measures will allow people to eat indoors again, although there will be a 50-person indoor capacity limit. For sports and recreation facilities, measures will include a maximum of 50 people per facility in all combined recreational fitness spaces or programs (although this does not include pools, rinks at arenas, community centres, and multipurpose facilities).

People have been critical about the new measures.

“Is the ‘new plan’ to sacrifice 300-400 Ontarians per month?” One user tweeted, referencing how Donald Trump already tried this let’s ‘live with it’ strategy and was voted out of office.



Others are worried about the rapid growth of cases.



Others questioned the number of resolved cases — and what factors the province uses to determine a case is resolved in the first place.

In response to the high COVID numbers, Toronto Mayor John Tory today announced a research partnership that would help address the urgent COVID-19 needs within the city by working with academics, students and teachers.



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