contemporary ice dance

The Cirque du Soleil of ice dance shows to hit this Toronto neighbourhood rink

The world’s first contemporary ice dance collective will perform on the rink in Leaside Memorial Gardens this spring, after hockey season, of course.

Murmuration is described as a mesmerising blend of contemporary dance and ice-skating, and could do for skating shows what Cirque du Soleil did for the circus. The Ice Capades this is not.

The innovative performance by Montreal’s Le Patin Libre, the world’s first contemporary ice-skating collective, pushes the boundaries of what is achievable on ice, combining the athletic prowess of competitive figure skating with the fluidity of contemporary dance.

The show is a collaboration between the Montreal group, TO Live and the dance festival Fall for Dance North. It is scheduled to take place from April 25 to 28, 2024, at the Leaside Memorial Community Gardens Arena.

The show features 15 skilled dancers/skaters.

And, it’s not just the performance, attendees of the evening show on April 27, are invited to join a post-show skating party. Participants are encouraged to bring their own skates for a disco dance party on the ice rink—an all-ages event where safety measures, such as helmets for those aged 12 and under, are prioritized.

Founded in 2005 by figure skater Alexandre Hamel, Le Patin Libre draws inspiration from Montreal’s contemporary dance and circus scene. The collective has pioneered a new genre of performing art called “contemporary skating,” exploring the dynamic intersection between skating and the performing arts.

The ensemble cast includes Oktawia Ścibior, David Billiau, Kristýna Mikulášová, Taylor Dilley, Sophie Blomqwist, Garrett Kling, Jennifer Edwards, Isaac Lindy, Maude Poulin, Jacqueline Benson, Haley Alcock, Imogen Croft, Samory Ba, Pascale Jodoin, and Alexandre Hamel.

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