You’ll find $8,000 shoes at this consignment sneaker shop on Bloor Street

There’s a thriving streetwear culture in Toronto, and sneakerheads certainly lead the way. The resale sneaker industry has strong roots in the city, and Out This World (OTW) is one of the most popular consignment sneaker stores for fashion lovers looking for a pristine pair of Jordan 1s. With locations in Brampton, Scarborough, Montreal and now Yorkville right next door to some of the biggest luxury brands on the Mink Mile, owner Julian Artjukow talks starting out on eBay and blending streetwear with designer wear.

Why did you start Out This World?

In the mid to late 2000s, I used to purchase and curate what I thought was “hype” at local stores and I would resell on eBay. With that experience on hand, I decided to open up OTW in the heart of Mississauga in 2018, as I realized there was a demand for hype sneakers and streetwear. I started with roughly 50 pairs of sneakers, and within a few months, we had over 1,000 pairs as we started to do consignment. At the time, I had a monopoly on the west end market and had no competition, which helped me grow so quickly.

Founder Julian Artjukow. Courtesy

You recently opened a new location in Yorkville. How did you decide on that spot?

OTW’s new Yorkville store

As fashion trends constantly change, I noticed many people starting to blend designer and streetwear together. I was offered a unit in between Prada, Coach and Dior, which was a no-brainer! Many of our customers will stop by to match their outfit with a pair of sneakers. Even though COVID has been a difficult time for business, it was a blessing in disguise in terms of looking for locations as there are many more options. Yorkville is one of the prime locations in Canada for fashion, and I always wanted to have a store within the area.

Where do you source your items from?

We have several consignors who bring in pairs of shoes as well as clothing and, when the items are sold, we charge a standard 20 per cent fee. We have connections that we have built up over time with others in the city and the country who continue to sell us sneakers. We also have several of our clients sell us their personal collections, from $160 to $8,500 finds. Right now, I would say the most popular sneaker is the Jordan 1. Whether it is the original high top, mid or low, it is our number one bestseller brand-wide. You can wear a Jordan 1 to any type of event, whether it is casual or formal. The versatility and the amount of colourways released in this silhouette makes it stand out!

What changes do you see happening in the streetwear industry?

Trends change everyday and I really feel like we live in a world where social media plays a large part in what is considered “hype.” Whether it is a celebrity or fashion influencer, it seems like everyone wants to have the same pair. Due to the growth of streetwear, we now see many more brands thriving and not just the big players like Nike.

How has the streetwear world grown in Toronto since you started OTW?

As people express their styles through clothing and sneakers, curated fashion is becoming more popular. Many people like to feel unique and express it through that special pair or piece of clothing. The streetwear world has become generational. When I first started there were only male teenagers entering my store. Now we have teenagers, parents and even grandparents that shop with us. It is amazing to see how quickly it has grown. Something special in the sneaker/streetwear community is how it brings people together, no matter what background or heritage they are from.