Let’s give all Torontonians a happy holiday season

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Although he works very hard to provide for his son Aidan, Darcy has a low income and struggles to make ends meet. Because Aiden is Darcy’s first priority, there is little money left to spend on necessities for himself. Darcy desperately needs shoes to wear to work and warm winter boots as the cold season approaches.

These are the kind of stories we hear from the people we support; good people like Darcy who are doing their best under difficult circumstances.

Today, as the emergency of the pandemic is thankfully receding, we’re able to focus on the urgent issues facing many of our community members who are struggling with poverty and isolation as we head into the holidays. As you know, this is a time when these issues are magnified.

What’s an intellectual disability?

An intellectual disability is a lifelong impairment in cognitive function that affects areas of daily living, such as personal care, language skills, and learning abilities.

People with an intellectual disability often face barriers in creating the life they want. Of the estimated 250,000 people in Ontario with an intellectual disability, less than 25% are employed and only 6% have suitable housing with appropriate supports.

In our city alone, Community Living Toronto supports over 4,000 people with an intellectual disability through our 80+ locations and 50+ programs that provide housing, community participation opportunities, skill development, employment training, and more. Our vision is to create a society where everyone belongs – a society where everyone is valued.

Share some holiday kindness

You may be surprised just how much a little kindness will mean for someone facing another holiday on the margins. The concept of gift giving feels entirely out of reach for someone who is trying to decide between paying their heating bill or buying groceries.

Everyone deserves a chance to take a deep breath, gather safely with loved ones and enjoy this special time together (and hopefully a great meal or two). ‘Tis the season for generosity – lets help deserving families like Darcy and Aiden enjoy the holidays!

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