Coming soon to King Street East: artisanal hot dogs

Toronto’s street meat is getting some competition with the arrival of Craft Dogs, an upcoming gourmet hot dog shop near the St. Lawrence Market. Located at 95 King St. E., Craft Dogs is the brainchild of Brian Morin and Kathleen McGinn, formerly co-owners of the nearby Beerbistro, along with a third partner, Craig Smith.

Almost everything in the shop will be made from scratch, including all hot dogs and condiments. Options could include the more traditional Chicago Shout-Out dog (a pork-and-beef wiener topped with mustard, sweet pickle relish, raw onions, tomatoes, pepperoncini and celery salt, $6.50) or the more adventurous duck dog (a duck wiener topped with goat cheese, mayo-relish, plantain chips, pea shoots and duck crackling, $12.95). The hot dogs will be smoked, then grilled to order.

Craft Dogs will also produce its own soda pop. The shop is expected to have a grand opening next week.

Craft Dogs, 95 King St. E., 647-748-2033

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