Colin + Justin join Michelin chef Anthony Rose to find Toronto’s best scones

Spoil Mom on Mother’s Day with scones fit for royalty, curated by Scottish design duo Colin and Justin, hailing from the land of the scone, alongside Michelin-recognized chef Anthony Rose.

First Place: Salted caramel from Baker & Scone

Colin and Justin:“Now this is a great scone— look at those layers! There’s so much good flavour here and the moisture level is perfect.”
Anthony: “The caramel flavours are vibrant — it’s a nice change from the fruit.”  693 St. Clair Ave. W., $12.15/tri-pack

Second Place: Blueberry from Bomou

Colin and Justin: “This is a maverick scone! It’s a brave scone! They’ve done a really nice job here.”                                                     Anthony: “I really like the amount of blueberries; they’re soft and buttery once you get inside.” Bomou, 1636 Bayview Ave., $7.25/scone

Third Place: Wild Blueberry + Lemon from iQ Food Co.

Fourth Place: Lemon Cranberry from Balzac’s

Colin and Justin:  “I love icing! The sweetness here is really a nice addition to the cranberry.”
Anthony: “This is not my favourite of the bunch, but I like that they’re not overly sweet.” 200 Apple Mill Rd., Concord, $3.85/scone

Fifth Place: Cranberry Lemon from Mabel’s Bakery

Colin and Justin: “This is a bit on the dryer side, but the combination of lemon and cranberry is delicious.”
Anthony: “I really enjoy both the tart and sweet flavours.”1156 Queen St. W., $4.49/scone

Sixth Place: Plain with clotted cream and jam from Another Land Coffee

Colin and Justin:  “The cream and jam enhances the flavours of the scone.”
Anthony: “These are light and fluffy, and you can’t go wrong with clotted cream and jam!”  4714 Yonge St., #2F, North York, $9.50/scone

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