CNE 2019

The most outrageous, over-the-top treats at the CNE 2019

It's the 140th year at the Ex and we've got the goods on all the craziest food

This year marks the 140th anniversary of the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE) and to celebrate vendors are serving up some of the craziest sweet and savoury snack combos the fair has ever seen.

There’s no shortage of milestones to celebrate, as this also happens to be the 65th anniversary of the Food Building — so they’re going all out. There’s hot new takes on the usual fair food, like Deep Fried Chicken Sandwiches’ funnel cake sandwich, R&J Concessions’ pickle pizza, and the King of Curds’ cheesecake curds. Here’s our roundup of all the best foodie finds to try at the CNE 2019 from Aug. 16 to Sept. 2.

Nitrogen ice cream spaghetti

CNE 2019

Eative Film Cafe’s nitrogen cookie dough ice cream spaghetti is a work of art. It’s not the only creative ice-cream addition to the CNE’s roster this year, either. Black Halo has created several new and unusual ice cream flavours, like wasabi spice cream and the smouldering fire and ice bowl.

Maple bacon churropops

CNE 2019

I Love Churros’ exclusive maple bacon churropop is another one of the creative new offerings waiting to be taste tested.

Rainbow funnel cakes

CNE 2019

If you love rainbow-themed sweets, you’re in luck! There are so many at this year’s CNE, including these rainbow funnels cakes from the Funnel Cake Shop.

Deep-fried cotton candy Oreos

CNE 2019

These cotton candy Oreos, also from the Funnel Cake Shop, are deep-fried sugary goodness.

Cotton candy tacos

CNE 2019

You won’t need a stick for your cotton candy anymore, with these cotton candy tacos by Candy Time Canada with Pocky biscuits on top.

Kpop and pho fries

CNE 2019

Supa Fries is offering a brand new take on everyone’s favourite side with these asian-fusion Kpop (bulgogi beef and kimchi) and pho (beef marinated in hoisin) fries.

Rainbow grilled cheese sandwiches

CNE 2019

You might be surprised, but that actually is a grilled cheese sandwich, rainbow style from Pancho’s Bakery.

Fried chicken waffle cones

CNE 2019

This portable take on chicken and waffles, from Chickee Kone, is much more convenient for strolling around the fair. It even comes with your choice of sauces.

Pickle pizza

CNE 2019

R&J Concessions is offering this entirely pickle-based pizza, including a dill ranch base. But it isn’t the only pickle-centric item that will be offered at the Ex this year.

Pickle lemonade

CNE 2019

This pickle lemonade, by Splash, really does have pickles in it. Not to worry, though — it’s nothing like drinking pickle juice!

Fully-loaded Italian sandwiches

CNE 2019

The Italian stallion by Hotbunzz comes with caciocavallo cheese hung street-style over the grill with San Marzano and sun-dried tomatoes.

One of the themes of this year’s food offerings were plant-based options. Many of the vendors offered vegetarian-friendly versions of their treats, often with Beyond Meat as the main ingredient. One such offering is Bub’s Beyond guacamole burger.

The CNE 2019 is also introducing “Under $6 in the Six,” which will offer items for under six dollars at Bandshell Park.

Plus, even good old Tim Horton’s is getting in on the fun, with a red liquorice poutine, Twizzler slushies, and pink lemonade Timbits.

There’s plenty of new non-food additions, as well. On Aug. 29, the CNE will introduce their first-ever comedy night, “The World According to Canada”. Performers include Sean Cullen (The Tonight Show), Nour Hadidi (The Beaverton) and Ali Hassan (Just For Laughs).

If dancing appeals to you, you might what to check out the “Ill-Abilities” dance crew, comprised of differently-abled dancers from all over the world. They’ll take the International Stage from Aug. 16 to 25. And for the nerds out there, FAN EXPO Canada will be joining the CNE for a Cosplay Day and Celebrity Car Show, both on Aug. 19.

The Ex might signify the end of summer, but at least this year it’ll be with a bang – and a very delicious one, at that.

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