roman pizza

Chef Rosa Marinuzzi and her sons crown Toronto’s Roman pizza champion

To celebrate the Ides of March (et tu, Brute?), we had chef Rosa Marinuzzi and her sons, Vito & Tony, of 7 Numbers fame, sample T.O’s best Roman pizza (a square version of the classic, traditionally cut with scissors and sold by weight and made with thinner dough crafted with olive oil).


Venga Cucina

roman pizza

”That’s really flavourful pizza. The onions are delicious,” say the Marinuzzi family. “The cheese is really good–everything is great, and the dried herbs are a nice touch. It’s very rich because of the toppings, but the crust is light. It all goes really well together, nothing is overpowering.”, $20




“That’s good pizza. Really thin crust, it’s flavourful and properly chewy. That tastes like authentic Italian pizza.”, $7.90/slice

Stock TC

stock tc

“You can tell the dough is hand rolled. The cheese is really good, and it’s a good-sized slice.”, $5/slice




“The flavours are really different. It’s really unique, a barbecue pizza. We’ve never tasted something like it before.”, $19



“The prosciutto is good and the tomatoes are good. You can tell the ingredients are high quality.”, $12.5/slice

Ciao Roma

ciao roma

“I’ve never had tuna on pizza before. It tastes really good with the artichoke. The crust is excellent.”, $24.50/half pizza

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