banana split taste test

Chef Anthony Rose tests Toronto’s best banana splits

Nothing says summer like a cool banana split. The mouth-watering combination of bananas, ice cream and toppings is both nostalgic and satisfying, bringing back memories of visiting the ice cream parlour with dad. This month, we asked Anthony Rose, whose restaurants, like Big Crow BBQ and Fat Pasha, tempt the city’s taste buds, to sample splits from across the city that are sure to make new memories this Father’s Day.


taste test banana split

This full-service ice cream parlour and dessert café brings old school vibes to the east end. The quintessential family-run business offers sundaes, scoops and milkshakes that are crafted with the shop’s huge selection of ice cream. But the namesake banana split really caught Rose’s attention. “I love all of the classic components about this one,” he says. “I like the quality and the consistency and all of the other things they did.”, $13.99


summers banana split

“This is a great classic one, and I love the presentation with the shape of the boat. The flavours are the most traditional too.”, $12.98



“This is a huge portion. The ice cream is nice and rich and delicious, and there’s four whole flavours, tons of toppings.”, $25


dutch dreams

“This one has got the classic pineapple, and I really appreciate the cotton candy. It’s classic and yummy with a cherry on top.”, $11.75


inside scoop

“I love the brownie bits. The flavours are very different. I’ve never seen anything like this one before. This takes a lot of liberties.”, $12.43

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