Celebrity chef Massimo Capra on where to find the best lasagna in Toronto

Lusciously cheesy and beautifully layered, lasagna is the ultimate comfort food. Celebrity chef and restaurateur Massimo Capra puts everyone’s favourite pasta dish to the test and gives us the skinny on which lasagna reigns supreme.

Winner: La Palma

This is a beautiful interpretation of lasagna Bolognese. The pasta tastes great and it has just the right amount of thickness. While there’s not enough sauce to keep it together and keep it moist, the flavours are all there. The basil is not necessary but it’s a beautiful garnish.” lapalma.ca 849 Dundas St. W., $26

Runner-Up: 7 Numbers

“The flavour is really nice. There’s very little cheese in here but the meat has a really good taste and it’s very pleasant to the palette. You can eat quite a lot of this lasagna because it’s not heavy at all. It makes you salivate.” sevennumbers.com 307 Danforth Ave., $18.75

Unique Take: Il Covo

“Now this is a beautiful lasagna. If something like this came to my table, it would be amazing. Ahh, it’s a seafood lasagna! It’s made with shrimp and scallops! The flavour is not fishy at all and the pasta is delicious. The composition is a fail in a sense because it’s too liquidy, but it’s a great idea.” ilcovo.ca 585 College St., $34

Tutto Bene Osteria

“This is not put together very well and I think the pasta is store-bought. The lasagna is really dried up because there’s not enough sauce. The meat tastes nice and tender. There’s not enough cheese between the layers, something is amiss with the construction.”  tuttobene.ca 8133 Yonge St., $27


“This is a great slab that stays together nicely. The pasta is very thick which makes it a little too chewy. It has a nice shiny look and multiple layers. It’s made with meatballs so I know this is definitely a Napoletana-style of lasagna. eataly.ca 55 Bloor St. W., $24

Il Fornello

“This is a traditional Canadian-style lasagna. It’s a decent lasagna, but a lasagna should give you a bit of sweetness and the tomato sauce is overcooked. It’s a good-sized portion and the flavour is nice, but basil does not belong in a pasta with meat sauce ilfornello.com 2901 Bayview Ave., $20.95


“If you like a strong taste of tomato, then this is it. It’s a very good, tomatoey lasagna. At first glance there’s way too much sauce and not enough cheese. But overall, it’s a very interesting rich, meaty lasagna.” cibowinebar.com 133 Yorkville Ave., $30


“This lasagna is very pretty to look at because of the tomato and basil leaves. I can taste onions and it also has red and green peppers in it. It’s a beautiful portion and the presentation is nice and clean; it has multiple layers and  stays together nicely.” verdirestaurant.ca 1566 Bayview Ave., $17