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In the summer, I love to get away from my oven and out to the barbecue, but lately, we’ve been reading about the dangers of a diet containing excess meat. Some studies show a link between eating a high meat-based diet and chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease and certain cancers. With that in mind, summer is the perfect time to introduce more fish into your diet. It’s low in calories and cholesterol, and fattier fish contain omega-3 fatty acids that improve our cardiovascular health by controlling cholesterol and reducing blood pressure. Fish is also a good source of protein and vitamins. Here, some great finned grill options.

Haddock with Bell Pepper Sauce

Salmon & Avocado Salsa

Pesto Shrimp Kabobs

Rose’s tip: Keep the seas sustainable

Fishing practices worldwide are damaging our oceans, depleting fish populations, destroying habitats and polluting the water. Informed consumers can help put a stop to this situation and restore the environment by choosing sustainable seafood. Seafood that is sustainable comes from fishing and farming practices that can continue to exist without compromising species’ survival or the health of the surrounding ecosystem. You can go to to get your guide for sustainable fish choices. It will provide you with best picks, good alternatives and lists of fish to avoid.

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