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Cat and Nat on why being a parent is a thankless job

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We just realized that we work so hard as moms to please people who don’t give a f#@$ what we do.

We try to make sure that the food they eat pleases their palate. Why? It’s not like they’re one of those undercover food writers who are going to go and call you out. Even if they told everyone they hated your food, nobody cares. But they should care, because I made it for them. They do not!

Why do we worry so much? What’s that about? Why do we sit there and worry what they think about us? They’re not going to thank you until they have their own children, so we’re looking at 30, 40 years.…

If they don’t have children, do they never know? When you do laundry for seven people, that’s just a whole new ball game than for yourself. You can never know until you do it. You know what I mean?

I understand that in a job when you work really hard to be the best, you get bonuses, you get awards, you get people telling you how great you are — that’s never going to happen here!  So why do we try so hard?

I would understand if this was a sales job, right? And at the end of the year, they were like “Wow, Nat and Cat, you have done such a great job. You have made seven thousand, fifty-five hundred million meals and you get an award for that!” You also get a really, really high commission for reaching all of your goals. Now that would be worth it!

If COVID has taught you anything, they will never be satisfied with the amount of time you spend with them. When you think, “I did a great job. I can’t wait to go away for a weekend,” you know what they’re going to say to you? They’re going to say, “You always leave us!” I’ve been home for a year! I haven’t even gone out for dinner! I have gone nowhere! We’re all just doing too much with no reward for our actions.

Every day I’m at home and I have to do a job while feeding them and home-schooling them, and they turn around and say, “You’re always on your phone.” Are you kidding me? I’m working! Sorry I have a job. My phone is a portable computer. I’m trying to make us money!

Guys, here’s the thing, don’t work so hard to be the very best because nobody is going to thank you! And they don’t care how much time you spend with them. They’re never satisfied. We’ve realized this never-ending goal of satisfying them is never going to happen. So lower the bar. Give yourself a break. And let me tell you, they don’t care what you do, you can never do enough.

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