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Cat and Nat on why they are OOSTC and why it’s OK

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We have come to realize that there is a new diagnosis that a lot of moms are having and it’s called OOSTC. What does it stand for? Out of sh*#% to care. Here are the symptoms.

You wake up and you look at your clothes — real clothes — and you think to yourself, “I remember you, but I am out of sh*#% to care. I’m putting on the same clothes I’ve been wearing for months that are lying on my floor.”

The sound of your children’s voices literally make your brain rattle so much that you want to pull your bed sheets over your head and wait until the pandemic is over — it’s OK, this is just another symptom of being out of sh*#% to care.

You start your day thinking, “I’m going to make a home cooked meal today,” and then by the time 4 p.m. rolls around your mindset changes to, “I am just going to order another meal in.” You know your children are going to complain about the meal because you’ve ordered in so much lately, but you’re just out of sh*#% to care.

Before COVID hit, I used to think to myself, “I want my kids to really have a great relationship and respect each other.” Now I’m out of sh*#% to care. I don’t care that she hit you, and I definitely don’t care that you hate each other. Now I tell them, “Go make friends, you don’t need family!” Why? Because I’m out of sh*#% to care.

When they were first virtual learning back in the spring, I would encourage them to go outside. “You need to get fresh air,” I would tell them. “You need to spend hours outside.” Now they just complain about how there’s nothing to do and they don’t want to go outside, and my response? “Alright, that’s fine.” Because I’m out of sh*#% to care.

There was a time when I would say, “You can’t have chocolate for breakfast,” or “Crackers are not a meal.” Now they are.

Did we used to care? Of course we used to care, we definitely cared before. This is a new thing. Now we have OOSTC.

There will be a cure. We will come out of this. It won’t need heavy medication, but it will need heavy fun, and that fun will be had. That is a guarantee.

If you also have OOSTC, this is your prescription: Do not feel bad and do not feel guilty for not giving a sh*# about much anymore. This is a natural side effect of a global pandemic.

And when we get our vaccine and our lives back, we will get all our sh*#% to care back too.

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