Canoe Restaurant has a new nostalgic tasting menu in Toronto

Offerings include old-school faves like mac 'n' cheese, meatloaf and a modern take on Fun Dip

With back-to-school season in full swing, there is much to reminisce about. The bus rides, school trips, after school programs and of course, the simple and altogether nostalgic meals that made us feel safe and comforted every night at around 6 o’clock.

Canoe, the popular fine-dining spot from Oliver and Bonacini, decided to take a trip down memory lane with their new tasting menu for fall. “Taste Nostalgia: Childhood,” was developed as a menu of simple pleasures, that allows for their guests to enjoy several interpretations of childhood favourites, made for the eyes of an adult and the belly of a 10-year-old.


Mac ‘n’ cheese

After 24 years in business, Canoe is getting ready for a big renovation in the new year and sous chef Ron McKinlay and the rest of the Canoe team are taking time for retrospection. Since their Taste Expo 67 in 2018, they have continued to push their boundaries as a restaurant, but also to provide an experience that goes further than a delicious meal with beautiful presentation. Thus the new menu was born.



Ron McKinlay, chef de cuisine at Canoe, crowdsourced ideas from Canoe guests, social media followers, and staff to put together the perfect compilation of whimsical dishes that are totally inspired by school-time snacks.


Pixie dip

The menu features dishes like tater tots, tomato soup and grilled cheese, mac and cheese, and drive-thru apple pie — all with a modern twist. The elevated take on homespun classics is meant to evoke nostalgia, while staying true to the beautifully plated dishes Canoe is known for.


Drive-thru apple pie

The memory filled menu will be available from now until mid-fall. To reserve, visit Canoe online.

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