Canada Goose head donates $35 million to the AGO to key massive expansion

Canada Goose chairman and CEO Dani Reiss donated a cool $35 million to the Art Gallery of Ontario that set a massive expansion in motion. Today, the AGO reveals its plan for a increase the museum’s gallery space by 40,000 square feet, with at least 13 new galleries across five floors — increasing the AGO’s total space available to display art by 30%.

The donation is one of the largest gifts in the AGO’s history.

“Contemporary art is an observation of our time; the conversations, issues and triumphs of our generation – a reflection of humanity. I’m proud to support the AGO in their purpose to bring people together through art, especially art that inherently inspires such important discussion,” said Reiss, in a statement. Toronto is a world-class city, and this new gallery further establishes Toronto and Canada as a leader in celebrating modern & contemporary art.”

The Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) has teamed up with architectural partners Diamond Schmitt, Selldorf Architects and Two Row Architect to reveal initial the initial designs for what will be called the Dani Reiss Modern and Contemporary Gallery,

The design shows the new space surrounding the existing gallery and sitting one storey above the AGOS’s existing loading dock between the gallery and the OCAD University — the cool building on stilts.

This expansion will significantly increase gallery space for a growing collection of modern and contemporary art.

“The Dani Reiss Modern and Contemporary Gallery is more than an expansion project — it’s how we fulfill our mission to bring people together with art, propel global conversations that speak to the issues of our time, and reflect the diversity of Toronto, Ontario and Canada,” said Stephan Jost, Michael and Sonja Koerner Director, and CEO of the Art Gallery of Ontario. “

According to an AGO release, the inside of the new expansion with house 13 new exhibition spaces of varying scale and ceiling height. The new spaces will put flexibility and adaptability first to accommodate the needs of future generations of artists working across all media.

The new gallery, according to the AGO, is designed to operate without burning fossil fuel.

“The all-electric mechanical plant will use no operational carbon and create no emissions, while seeking CAGBC Zero Carbon Operating Building certification — making it one of a very small number of museum spaces to accomplish this. It will also be built to Passive House standards, for maximum heating and cooling efficiency,” states the release.

The Dani Reiss Modern and Contemporary Gallery is being designed to operate without burning fossil fuel. It was also done in consultation with Indigenous leaders and communities, led by Two Row Architect.

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