Can this restaurant discount card make Tuesday the new Friday in Toronto?

For the next 13 weeks, Toronto’s gourmands will have the opportunity to dine out at various Toronto restaurants sans the hefty bill. The catch? Dinner on a Tuesday night and a $60 down payment. But with a 30 per cent discount at places like Burger Bar and The Bowery, we'll skip the latest installments of Glee and Dancing With the Stars (don't judge!) and instead opt for a cheap-ish night out.

Tuesday Foodie, launched after only a month of planning, is a discount card tempting foodies to “experience the best in Toronto dining.” Starting Jan. 3 and running up until Mar. 27, a total of 21 restaurants across the city will knock 30 per cent off your lunch or dinner bill on Tuesdays.

The card, available for $60, aims to push Torontonians to venture into new territory and treat their taste buds to exotic flavours, like The Royal Elephant's green curry or Mangia Cake's aptly-named signature dish, the mangia cake. Even Blue Plate is on board, boasting updated comfort food such as bison meatloaf wrapped in bacon (which immediately and involuntarily prompts a Homer Simpson-esque drool).

It almost makes KFC's “Toonie Tuesdays” seem like a distant, greasy, deep-fried thing of the past. Savour the savings, fellow gastronomists.

UPDATE: Tuesday Foodie has expanded and the card will now last for the duration of 2012.

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