Gluckstein staycation

Brian Gluckstein on how to staycation in style at home this summer

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This summer, instead of vacationing or visiting friends and family abroad, many of us will be spending our time off in the comfort of our home — a “staycation” as one might call it. And while it may not exactly be the summer getaway we envisioned for ourselves, there’s no reason it can’t be incredibly relaxing and enjoyable all the same.

Actually, without the detailed itineraries that often come along with meticulously planned vacations abroad, spending your vacation at home could mean an opportunity to truly unwind and decompress from a hectic schedule in a way that you wouldn’t with a typical vacation. The key to a satisfying staycation is in making your time at home feel special and absolutely nothing like your usual routine.

Here are my tips for making your staycation one for the books.

Make it about indulgence

Take advantage of all that extra “me time” and make a point of indulging by setting aside plenty of time to pamper yourself. Set yourself up for days of relaxation with hydrating face masks, bath salts, scented candles, and anything else you love to have on hand for a soak in the tub or a skincare ritual. Especially since you won’t be investing in an expensive trip, it’s a good idea to gather a few little luxuries sure to bring you some joy during your time at home. Consider investing in some fluffy new bath towels or a white robe to feel like you’re staying at an expensive hotel.

Gluckstein staycation
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Experiment with new flavours

Test out new recipes for dinner each night or order take-out from a locale you’ve always wanted to visit or relive memories of one of your all-time favourite trip’s cuisines. Have fun accenting the table with décor inspired by the location the food is from and make a signature drink to go along with the meal. Staying home doesn’t mean you can’t experience something new.

Swap things out to make your space feel new

A few simple décor changes could help trick your mind into thinking you’re somewhere other than home. Swap out your bedding for something summery and light — like French linen or a fresh floral pattern on silky Tencel — and rearrange the décor for a new look and feel. If you’ve been dreaming of a new piece of furniture for your space, it could be a good idea to divert that vacation money and invest in something new that you can enjoy during your time off. At least you know you’ll be home for the delivery!

Gluckstein staycation
Credit: Hudson’s Bay

Take a break from technology

Do as you normally would on vacation and take a break from your usual screen time. Binging on movies and series can be fun, but make a point of taking time for those tech-free activities, like reading great books, going on bike rides, gardening, or redecorating. It’s also the perfect time to consider taking up a new hobby, if there’s something you’ve been meaning to try for a few years but haven’t quite gotten around to yet.

Lounge outdoors

If you’re used to lounging at the beach or on a terrace on vacation, why not do the same in your own backyard? Enjoy breakfast on the patio with the morning paper, a picnic on the grass, or cool off with an afternoon drink on a comfortable lounge set. Soak in the beautiful weather and spend as much time as possible outside, just as you normally would on vacation.

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