spa-inspired bathroom

Brian Gluckstein on six ways to create a spa-inspired bathroom

Design a space for self-care within the walls of your own home

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It’s a new year, and I think a resolution we can all benefit from is incorporating more self-care into our routines — and there’s no better space to do that than your own bathroom. I’ve always loved designing spa-inspired bathrooms because they invoke a pleasant sense of calm and serenity. They create a great environment to really slow down and unwind. If you’d like to add a relaxing spa feel to your bathroom for an indulgent self-care retreat, follow these steps to achieve the look.

Opt for a soothing palette

Keep it neutral, with a Zen, clean white palette, or earthy with shades of grey or taupe. A monochromatic look creates a sense of calm. Collect samples of the finishes you’re thinking of using to see how they work together and buy tester pots of paint to see how they read in your bathroom. Seeing a colour online or in the store is so different than seeing it in your space.

Bring in texture 

When you’re working with a neutral colour palette, texture is essential. You’ll want to be sure to vary up all those soft, neutral hues with some beautiful texture that not only looks great, but feels great too. Tumbled stone tiles offer a beautiful, aged look, and I love honed countertops because they bring a softness to the space and hide fingerprints particularly well. Plastered walls and live edge shelves are other great ways to add natural texture.

Incorporate spa products

Of course a spa-inspired bathroom is never complete without luxurious products. One of my favourite ways to slow down at the end of a long day is with some soothing bath products. Make a ritual of treating yourself to moisturizing lotions, invigorating body washes or a soak in the tub with calming bath salts. Keep things cohesive with a bath accessory set, to house your everyday basics like toothbrushes and soaps.

Add cosiness

Never underestimate the power of a great towel. To elevate your bathroom experience, consider plush towels to wrap yourself up in the winter, waffle towels to add extra texture or lighter weight Hammam towels in the summer for a spa-inspired look. Don’t forget a robe, slippers and bath mat, too, which will make even the most modest of spaces seem that much more indulgent. 

Hang serene art 

I believe art is the soul of any space, and this still rings true for the bathroom. Art is often overlooked in this space, but as long as you have good ventilation or get the piece laminated, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy it in yours. To get that serene, spa-feel, opt for a Zen piece of art, like a landscape of a sea or forest, or an abstract painting that ties in your chosen palette.

Update hardware

Last but not least is the hardware. For a spa-inspired bathroom, I love using matte black, hand-forged iron or classic nickel for pulls, handles and faucets. Hardware is an opportunity to add some incredible contrast or bring in pieces with a rich history that will bring character to your space.

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