Brian Gluckstein on how to design a fun and functional nursery for your newborn 

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It’s always exciting welcoming a newborn into the home, and the nursery is a space where new parents are eager to get involved in the design process. As an area where they’ll be spending so much of their time, it’s important to create a nursery that’s both functional and beautiful. Not only will it make their day-to-day time easier and more enjoyable, it’ll allow them to focus more of their time and energy on the all-important task of raising their child.

I think it’s best when the nursery acts as a calm oasis in the home and evokes a sense of tranquility. It should have colour, of course, but few people are going to be happy spending all their time in a room that feels like a funhouse. A quieter, more peaceful room will keep new parents and a newborn feeling a bit more rested and refreshed.

Here are my top tips for nursery design:

Choose a cohesive palette

For a quietly colourful nursery, I think it’s a great idea to choose a more neutral base for the walls, such as a soft white or cream, then mix in cohesive accent colours. I love pastel colours for a nursery because they can pair together beautifully without competing for attention. To keep the look united, choose two or three key accent colours and then find items in similar shades to add cheery doses of soft colour throughout the space.

Opt for transitional furniture 

When it comes to any larger furniture purchase, I think it’s important to choose something that can work in a space over time. I love the look of more monochromatic and modern baby furniture pieces that are designed to transition as your child grows. Nowadays, you can find cribs that convert to daybeds or toddler beds and change tables that work alone as dressers as your child’s needs change. It makes sense to invest in pieces that can be used for multiple purposes and have more longevity.

Photo Credit: Hudson’s Bay

Incorporate natural materials

Natural materials can have such a calming effect on our moods since they connect us back to nature and its peaceful environments. Bring in some natural materials and textures to your baby’s room with items like soft cotton sheets and woven seagrass baskets for stylish storage. In a more calming space, natural materials create a sense of earthiness paired with all those soft, soothing hues.

Don’t forget about texture 

Texture is always essential, if not most important, in a tactile newborn’s nursery where they’ll likely want to touch and feel every little thing around them. Make sure to keep lots of cosy, comforting materials around, such as chunky knit teddy bears and bunnies, ruffled blankets and faux fur cushions peppered throughout the space to spike their interest.

Make it whimsical, always 

Even in a more quietly colourful nursery, there is so much opportunity to add some whimsical elements to make the space feel magical. There are tons of cute decals available online that you can use and easily remove without damaging walls, or consider painting some faux panelling on the walls for a fun, classic look. Cushions in the shapes of clouds and stars can help to make their space feel adorably otherworldly.

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